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We are pioneers in feline genetics, an area that has been understudied and underfunded for years. Cat genes still hold many unsolved mysteries, and that's where we come in.

With our ever-growing genomic database, we are constantly learning new information about cat breeds, traits, and health. We're doing all of this with one larger-than-life goal: to improve the lives of cats around the world by understanding, genetically, what makes each cat unique.

Cat Lovers with a Passion for Science

Basepaws has gathered dedicated geneticists, veterinarians, and visionaries for the purpose of helping pets live the longest, happiest, and healthiest lives possible. Our entire team strives to help you get to know your cat better, because beneath all that cuteness beats the heart of a lion. Or maybe a tiger. Possibly a cougar. You get what we're saying.
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Meet the Team that makes the Meowgic
Meet Koko (aka The Basepaws Polycat Queen of the Gene) - the team cat & assistant to our CEO. Oh, who are we kidding – Koko runs this place!

We fell in love with Koko when we met her at a local shelter here in Los Angeles. We tried to play it cool and walk away (twice!), but love is stronger than an occasional hand nibble (2 stitches) and broken wine glasses (4, but who's counting?). Koko loves to lay in the California sunshine, watch ‘cat TV’, and greet new employees at the lab with her cold stare. That means she loves you!
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