Learn About Cat Breeds, Health and DNA

These eBooks and White Papers were written by Basepaws science and veterinary specialists, to help you learn about cat breeds, health, and genetics.

Coronaviruses and Cats by Basepaws

Coronaviruses and cats

This white paper provides an overview of coronaviruses and how they aect organisms across the animal kingdom, with a particular emphasis on cats.

How take care of a cat

How take care of a cat

When we find ourselves spending a lot more time at home than usual, we may not realize all the fun ways we can be spending that time with our cats and get to know them better.

Feline breed analysis

Feline Breed Analysis

Basepaws launched a feline breed analysis product based on the comparison of a sample’s DNA to a genomic database of mixed-breed and purebred cats.

Feline Health markers

Feline Health Markers

Basepaws launched a DNA ampliconsequencing-basedhealth marker panel for purebred and mixed-breedcats testing for 38 manually curated mutationsrepresenting 17 genetic disorders.

12 cat feeding mistake

12 Cat Feeding Mistakes

Just like with people, your cat’s dietary needs depend on many factors: Age, level of activity, breed, weight, health conditions and much more..