Upgrade to Dental Health Microbiome Report

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- We look at 9,000 different microbes
- Based on the latest DNA sample submitted
- New report sent along with DNA Report
- 10% off any other dental health products

Upgrade your Basepaws report to include a full Dental Microbiome Test. The new report will show what dental diseases are present, any elevated risks for top dental health issues such as periodontal disease and halitosis, and exact levels of microbes associated with good and bad dental health. This is a special upgrade for early customers!

What are the benefits?

Dental tests are non-invasive: this advanced dental screening for top diseases is performed with a small amount of saliva and a 5-second cheek swab. You already did that!

It reveals your pet's dental health status: your cat can't talk and will hide mouth disease naturally – at-home dental tests help identify issues that cats can't speak to.

It provides a clean bill of dental health & sets a baseline: pet parents can be in charge of their pet's health and stay ahead of any issues early and frequently.