A team united by a love for all pets

Basepaws is committed to providing tools that help you proactively support your pet's health—because nothing is more valuable than a better life, lived longer. Join us on our mission, and meet the diverse team that brings Basepaws science to life!

Our Story

How it all began

Founded in 2017, Basepaws is a petcare genetics company that offers affordable, easy-to-use screening tools for the early recognition of disease risks in pets.

We created the world’s first at-home comprehensive cat DNA test and oral health test for cats, and we continue to grow the largest feline genomic and oral microbiome database. This work has become the solid foundation upon which we are building our canine research and development program to help even more pet parents and their beloved pet families.

In 2022, Basepaws became a proud member of Zoetis — the world's leading animal health company. Together with Zoetis, we're creating a future of health and wellness for our pets that will be brighter than ever.

About us
Our Mission and Values

The "why” behind it all

Basepaws team’s commitment to animal health and happiness drives everything we do. From cat lovers to dog devotees, from bird enthusiasts to fish aficionados - we're all part of the Basepaws family, working tirelessly to help make the world a better place for every pet. Our values define the beliefs that drive everything we do, and enhance our ability to support the needs of our community—now and in the many exciting years to come.
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Our Team

Pet lovers, united by our bond with our furry friends

Pet lovers with a passion for science.

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