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We help people understand pet health and wellness and the choices they have.

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The future of animal DNA testing is here

At Basepaws, we care about cats so much - we think they can change the world. We think cat health is critical and genetics is one of the pillars of optimal cat care. As cat parents, we want to know everything about our cats. We want there to be more feline research. We want those findings to improve the lives of our cats, and cats everywhere.

How It Works

How does the process work?How It Works

It’s a little bit of meowgik! Basepaws uses state-of-the-art sequencing machines to read and record these letters. We then compile the results into a one‑of‑a‑kind report packed full of valuable information about your cat’s unique genetic profile.
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Why get your Pet’s DNA sequenced

We compare your pet’s DNA sequence to sequences from other Basepaws cats and the scientific community. Some sections of DNA contain genes that have already been studied and are linked to specific diseases or physical traits. Other sections of DNA contain genes that are currently unknown.
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What will I find out with my test?

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