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As a devoted pet parent, you know your dog better than anyone. Now, understand your pup on an even deeper level with the most scientifically advanced dog DNA test that includes: expansive health insights with over 280 genetic health markers, detailed breed breakdown, and physical traits overview. Gain a wealth of knowledge to help you cater to your dog’s unique needs, and peace of mind that you’re providing the best possible care for them.

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Use next-level science to develop a next-level wellness plan.

Take a leap in proactive care to safeguard your dog’s health.

Know your dog’s breed to better understand their needs.

You know your dog is undeniably cute… now understand why.

Inform your dog’s veterinarian and collaborate on a care plan.

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Peace of Mind

Make empowered, informed decisions that protect your dog’s health

Your dog is your family, so there’s nothing more important than knowing they’re happy and healthy. With a Basepaws Breed + Health Dog DNA test, you’ll gain peace of mind from having the right information to make decisions on their behalf. Now, the choices you make will be informed by their unique needs, genetic risk factors, and breed traits. It’s a test as strong as your bond.

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IMG PDP Dog - basepaws-dog-science - The science behind your dog’s DNA.
Our Science

The science behind your dog’s DNA.

Basepaws is a pioneer in the fields of pet science and genetics. Our research is underpinned by cutting-edge technology that allows us to analyze complete genomes, giving us a virtually limitless capacity to discover new variants and DNA regions associated with different diseases and traits.

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