Basepaws Cat Story: Oh those baby blues... we can’t stay away!
March 05, 2019

Basepaws Cat Story: Oh those baby blues... we can’t stay away!

Cats, cats, cats! Why are we so crazy about them? Possibly because they rule our internet, eat our food, sleep in our beds and generally own us. Eh, we don’t mind - especially when they look like our new favorite snowball. Please, meet Basepaws cat Casper, a gorgeous blue-eyed therapy cat and his fur parent Jessica!

We bowed down when we heard Jessica is a proud fur mother of six! Can we all say - HERO?! Her family is enriched with three kitties: Casper, Zane and Oliver and three doggies: Baxter, a mixed breed, Jack, a mini poodle, and Jorjet, a Tibetan terrier. Jessica reached out to us with a desire to do a CatKit test for Casper because she wanted to learn more about the mysterious ways of her truly special little feline.

Casper is a rescue cat, saved on the a road and adopted through a shelter. Jessica adopted him 5 years ago from a family who ended up being highly allergic to him. He was just over a year old at the time.

Basepaws cat Casper with his canine brother Baxter

Jessica mentioned that Casper was exactly what she was looking for in a feline: "I was searching for a white cat with blue eyes. My aunt knew the person who had to rehome him and sent me pictures of him. He was exactly what I was looking for and I immediately fell in love with his gorgeous blue eyes!"

Casper is an all white cat with the most magical blue eyes. He is a friendly and a gentle cat filled with love and happiness. Yet Jessica really didn’t know much about him beyond just what she was able to observe. So she decided to do a DNA test, determined to learn what makes up for such an amazing feline.

"I came across the CatKit test through a Modern Cat giveaway. I thought it would be fun to get some information on him because of his laid back personality and I really knew nothing about him. The previous owners adopted him through a shelter and said he was originally found on the side of the road." - explained Jessica.

Our report returned that Casper was a mixture of a Ragdoll, American Shorthair and an Egyptian Mau. Jessica was excited: "The results thoroughly surprised me! I was very surprised that he came back as mostly Ragdoll, but it definitely answered my questions about his laid back personality, size, and blue eyes."

She also enjoyed the Wildcat Index. Casper turned out to be more similar to Flat-Headed cat, Serval and Fishing cat than most domestic cats. "I really thought the Wildcat Index was fun. It was very interesting and I could see the breeds in Casper!"

Casper suffers from bad allergies that cause eye irritation and redness. He needs to be on eye drops whenever his allergies flare up. Other than this, he is a healthy and strong cat. He is active and loves to go camping and walking. "Casper loves to go camping all summer and goes for walks! He also enjoys car rides."

Basepaws cat Casper

But what makes Casper even more special is how social and gentle he truly is. He loves people so much that he will actually walk up to them and demand the attention he deserves He is now a therapy cat and enjoys visiting people very much.

Casper may have had rough beginnings, but today he is a happy, loving and busy little feline. Aside from all the important cat stuff going on in his life, he still makes time to love and help the humans in need! Casper, we love having you in our little family and we feel lucky to be able to get to know you better and share your story with the rest of our community.

Basepaws cat Casper

"I thoroughly enjoyed the report and can’t wait for the rest to come!" - Jessica was excited. And so are we! Our stories connect, empower and inspire us. We are tiptoeing to learn more about the members of our pawesome community. Join us!