Basepaws Cat Story: Rachel and Her Daisy
March 05, 2019

Basepaws Cat Story: Rachel and Her Daisy

Regardless of all our differences and preferences, the one thing that brings us all together here at Basepaws is our love for cats. Recently we met Rachel and her adorable, upbeat bundle – Basepaws cat Daisy - and we can’t wait for you guys to meet them too!

Daisy walked into Rachel’s life as a tiny 7 weeks old kitten. She is a smart cat with a sassy attitude who knows exactly what she wants when she wants it. This kitty cat has definitely got here Mojo! She didn’t just wait to be adopted. No, no... SHE chose her home and her human.

"One day, this little stray kitten, about 7 weeks old, just broke into my house. She literally climbed through my Dutch tile door into my kitchen." – explained Rachel to us when we asked her how it all started. "She picked a house, and she picked a lady to spoil her. And I am glad that she chose me."

This little tortoise, mostly black with hints of orange and cream, won Rachel’s heart over in a second. We asked Rachel why she decided to order Basepaws CatKit: "She is huge!" – laughed Rachel. "When I first got Daisy, I did not know anything about cats. I never owned a cat before, never took care of one. When she went for her 6 months checkup, it turned out she already reached 8 and a half pounds. I was very worried that I may be feeding her wrong, but the vet said she was perfectly healthy."

Basepaws cat Daisy

Rachel wondered how much more Daisy would grow exactly. She didn’t want to underfeed a growing cat, but yet she was worried about obesity too. The vets couldn’t give her an appropriate answer because they didn’t know what kind of a cat Daisy was. This is why Rachel decided to take a peek into Daisy’s DNA:

"I was worried that I might underfeed her. I heard that some bigger breeds, such as Siberians, grow until they’re like 3 to 5 years old. So, if I reduced her diet, I was going to underfeed this growing cat. But what if she wasn’t growing anymore and I was just making her fat? I went online and looked for cat DNA tests. I found Basepaws and immediately knew I had to have it."

Daisy is a very spirited and energetic cat. She may have reached over 8 pounds, but she is still a kitten at heart. She loves to jump, and she does it well. "Daisy will run straight into you and pounce into you. She jumps very high. She likes to jump on top of a fridge and then down. We have multiple catches around the house and she loves to hang from them upside down." Rachel added through laughter:

"She’s very playful, but not graceful at all. When she jumps, it sounds like a bag of potatoes fell on the floor. It is so loud!". Funnily enough, Daisy’s favorite toy is, well not really a toy. Daisy loves air packs that come in shipping boxes. "She runs under them and claws them apart. She is a funny cat. She makes me laugh every day!"

Despite her high energy and playfulness, she is also a very sweet and cuddly cat. "We put her in clothes and walk her on a leash – she doesn’t mind it." Daisy will gladly cuddle and purr for her humans, but only if there are no toys around her.

"We don’t take toys upstairs, and she’ll cuddle on the bed. She also has this furry pillow we call the "mom" pillow. When she first came, she wasn’t fully weaned so she used to suck on everything. We got her this pillow and she loved it. In fact, she still sucks on it to this day. If the mom pillow is around – she will immediately purr and become all cuddly. If there’s a toy around – she won’t stay with you – it’s play time."

Basepaws cat Daisy

This mischievous little cat is fearless. She doesn’t mind water and she does not fear other cats or dogs, no matter their size. She owns every room she paws her way in. "My boyfriend has a Pitbull and she gets along with him very well. Sometimes she will swat at him if he comes too close because he likes to lick her a lot. Otherwise, they’re fine together."

This tortoise is a social cat who doesn’t shy away from a company. While Rachel is her favorite human, Daisy also gets along quite nicely with her boyfriend too. She didn’t want to play with him as much at first, but now she does. The cuddles are reserved for Rachel only though!

Daisy turned one year in April and she’s brave, strong and healthy. Rachel explained to us that she regularly takes her to the vet and that, because she doesn’t know a lot about cats, she often reads about common cat issues to prevent them. "For example, I read that cats often have dental problems, and so I make sure to brush Daisy’s teeth with cat toothpaste regularly. I also give her treats for hairballs. I never noticed that she had a hairball, but since she has a bit of a longer coat, I give her the treats just in case."

Our chat with Rachel was an entire wonderful experience. She is a cheerful and positive person with lots of love for Daisy. This smart little feline chose just the right home for herself! A truly inspirational and moving connection between this human and her cat threw us off guard. We love having you girls in our family and we hope we will help you learn more secrets Daisy may be hiding in her pawsome genes asap.

Basepaws cat Daisy

"Having a cat is the happiest experience in my life. I always thought I was a dog person because I never owned a cat before and every time I met other people’s cats, they always seemed distant, unfriendly and uninterested. Now that I have a cat too, I understand that they just don’t trust strangers as much as dogs. My cat always greets me at the door and she’s super interested in everything I do. She follows me everywhere. I can’t even go to the bathroom alone. Owning a cat taught me a lot. They’re different than dogs, but they don’t love people any less than them." – Rachel on her relationship with Daisy.