Basepaws Cat Story: Lexie is Dazzling but Rambunctious!

Basepaws Cat Story: Lexie is Dazzling but Rambunctious!

Samantha is a pawesome hooman companion to five fantastic pets – three cats and two dogs. Such immense bundle of furriness is bound to bless a home with a vast amount of love, happiness, meows and barks! Ladies and gents, please meet Basepaws cat Lexie with her hooman Samantha and four fur siblings.

"99% of the time she is a wild beast that doesn't want to be bothered with." – reveals Basepaws client Samantha about her boisterous princess Lexie – "Then there's this short 5 minute period where she runs up to you and demands to be loved. If you're laying down she will almost smother you when she rolls around your face purring like a motorboat."

Lexie is a spirited, one-year-old tabby girl. The family adopted her from the shelter when she was just a kitten. Her hoomans didn't know anything about her at the time, except that she was a tad smaller and weaker than the rest of her siblings.

"They [Lexie's siblings] were bunch of tiny rambunctious 8 week old kittens, playing so roughly with each other they would make each other yelp constantly. Lexie and her sister were actually separated from the rest because they were a bit smaller and were getting a bit more beat up by the other siblings."

Basepaws cat Lexie

Samantha soon learned that Lexie had a lot of the puzzling wilderness in her too. "Lexie likes to behave more on the wild side. With her big eyes and ears, and her long legs and body she even looks it. When she sees food she's like a hungry tiger. She will steal and eat anything right from your hand or mouth. Even bread, chips and fruit. She has been known to climb a leg to snatch a slice of pizza from your hands. Then she runs away growling and eats it. I knew it must have something to do with her ancestry since she also looks a bit wild. I was wondering if she could be part bengal, but she's not an overly thick or large cat."

In efforts to resolve the mysteriously wild ways about her cat, she decided to get her the Basepaws CatKit. Lexie's breed index revealed that she shared more DNA with Abyssinians than an average cat and that she was more similar to a Clouded leopard than 99% and Eurasian Lynxes than 98% of cats! "It all makes sense." – agrees Samantha – "The big eyes, huge ears, long legs and body. The Abyssinian has all of those. And her wild personality and tendencies can finally be explained!"

Basepaws cat Lexie with her canine sibling

Lexie's sister Roxie, another rescue from a shelter, also sent her precious furs to the Basepaws crew and is now waiting for her secrets to be spilled. The eldest cat sibling is a 13-year-old purebred Maine Coon. These three feline musketeers make up for what seems to be the perfect cat team. Roxie is Lexie's ultimate play buddy who plays and runs up and down the cat tower with her all day and night. The eldest of the three, on the other hand, "sometimes acts all motherly to Lexie and will clean her. Other times she's an old grouch and doesn't want her playing too closely."

To complete the pawesomeness of the gang come two dogs – Delilah, a mutt, and Duke, a purebred. Delilah doesn't fail to riddle Samantha's head any less than Lexie. In order to explain the peculiarity of her mutt, she got a DNA test for her too. "Her results were also visually spot on and explained her major quirks. For one – she screams, literally screams like the exorcist. Her most dominant breed was the Shiba Inu."

Funnily enough, Lexie and Delilah are the bestest of friends. While Lexie absolutely adores her canine sister, Delilah would want to play like a, well, dog and Lexie "thinks she would rather not get any dog drool on her precious fur."

Contrarily, intimated by the size of Duke, a 150ish pound doggy, Lexie pretends she doesn't like him. But Samantha has caught her in a secret! "Some mornings we wake up and she's sleeping on the floor with him [Duke]. When he's still or laying down she'll go right up to him."

Basepaws cat Lexie with her other canine sibling

As young as she is, Lexie is a healthy, playful and cheerful kitty. She loves toys and straws, but "her favorite thing to do is play with this wand toy that has a plastic ball filled with something like beads on a string. (The kind that sound sort of like a maraca when it shakes). She can play with it all day."

We also asked Samantha to tell us what makes Lexie stand out in a feline crowd the most: "99% of the time she is a wild beast that doesn't want to be bothered with. She really hates being picked up and held. Within 2 seconds of being lifted off the ground she's yelling, then growling until you put her down. Then there's this short 5 minute period where she runs up to you and demands to be loved. If you're laying down she will almost smother you when she rolls around your face purring like a motorboat. If you're standing she will run through your legs back and forth, meowing like a sweet little kitten."

Here at Basepaws we are firm believers that sharing stories helps build bridges between people. Always on the lookout to bond with our fantastic clients, we absolutely adored becoming a tad more personal with the animal-loving Samantha and her wonderful bundle of furry friends. Thank you for your trust, patience and the precious furs Samantha.

Basepaws cat Lexie