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 American Bobtail
Characteristics, History, and Health

American Bobtail

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This adorable cat is naturally short-tailed and native to North America. The American Bobtail is known to be a highly intelligent cat with balanced energy that makes a great family pet.

Main Info
Coat Pattern
Variety of patterns
Coat Length
Shorthair, Longhair
Health Issues
  • Generally healthy breedGenerally healthy breed
  • No strongly associated genetic conditionsNo strongly associated genetic conditions

Main Characteristics of the American Bobtail

With wide, alert eyes and an athletic and muscular build, the American Bobtail is a kitty that maintains a certain wildness in its looks. Broad describes their chest, muzzle, and wedge-shaped head which holds their well-defined eyes and brows that accentuate a strikingly alert gaze. Every cat has its own unique tail, which may display straight, bumpy, kinked, or curved features. The American Bobtail is slow to mature, taking upwards of three years to reach their adult size. They come in all coat colors and patterns.

American Bobtail Origin

The American Bobtail is native to North America. They were developed via natural selection from feral domestic cat populations. The modern-day American Bobtails of today are a result of U.S. breeders who chose bobtail cats from across the country to bring about specific traits in future generations. This process gave us the large, wild-looking American Bobtails seen today.

American Bobtail Personality Traits

Known for their intelligence, American Bobtails are generally trainable for fun activities like playing fetch and walking on a leash. While puzzles and interactive toys are great for all cats, the American Bobtail will be especially happy to engage and figure out the mystery! They are good with older children and pets and generally enjoy companionship. Their short tails are unique to each kitty and can be very expressive depending on their mood. Some American Bobtails are more vocal than others and like to express themselves with a range of chirps and meows.

American Bobtail Common Health Issues

The American Bobtail is a generally healthy breed, however as with all breeds, genetic testing is recommended. Their coats typically require weekly brushing, though they may shed more in the transitions of the spring and fall seasons. As with all cat breeds, oral health is very important, so it's important to establish both at-home brushing routines in addition to taking them to your veterinarian for regular wellness exams and professional dental cleanings.

American Bobtail Fun Facts

  • The American Bobtail is an escape artist. They are known to find their way out of carriers and other confined spaces with ease. You'll want to take extra care when taking your kitty to and from your home and be sure to only use carriers with secure locking mechanisms.

  • Crow-like in their love for shiny objects. Like the crows of the family Corvidae, according to cats.com the American Bobtail is known to steal and stash shiny objects. You'll want to keep your jewelry under lock and key around this kitty!

American Bobtail Characteristics

11-15+ years
Good with
Families, children, dogs, cats
Shedding amount
Medium to High
Medium to High
Affection level
Activity level
Medium to High
Tendency to vocalize
Exercise needs


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