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The Korat is a highly intelligent breed with ancient origins in Siam, now known as Thailand. An energetic cat that will keep you company and shower you with love, the Korat wants to be your close companion for life. They are easily recognized by their silver-tipped blue coat that only comes in a solid pattern and their lovely heart-shaped face that is associated with good fortune in love and marriage.

Main Info
Coat Pattern
Coat Length
Health Issues
  • Gangliosidosis, Type GM1 & GM2Gangliosidosis, Type GM1 & GM2

Main Characteristics of the Korat

The Korat is a little powerhouse that, upon first glance, looks can be deceiving. As a small-to-medium cat, they pack a lot of muscle and strength into their little bodies and are said to regularly demonstrate the energy of a coiled spring that can powerfully leap into action. They have a signature heart-shaped head that delicately holds their large, striking green eyes.

Korat Origin

The Korat is a "good luck" kitty with a history that traces back to Siam, now known as Thailand. Their uniquely beautiful silver-tipped blue coat is associated with wealth (think an abundance of silver coins), and is even symbolic of the water-laden clouds that rain down on crops and bring about good harvests. Tradition holds that two Korats given as a wedding gift to a bride will ensure a prosperous and loving marriage, another symbol that is reflected in the striking heart-shaped faces of these wonderful felines.

Korat Personality Traits

This loyal and curious kitty will always enjoy your company. They love to be with their humans and some can be quite vocal, so be ready to engage in conversation with your Korat throughout the day. The Korat isn't the most independent of cats, so if you're thinking of bringing one into your family you should be aware that they don't like to be left alone for very long and can become withdrawn if they don't get enough attention. They are also known as sensitive kitties who don't like busy environments, loud noises, or rough play.

Korat Common Health Issues

The Korat is known to be at risk for Gangliosidosis, an inherited lysosomal storage disease. Lysosomes are important components of cells that are crucial for the breakdown and recycling of waste. If lysosomes do not function properly, waste accumulates and leads to cell death. The disease is not treatable, eventually leading to progressive destruction of the nerve cells in the brain and spinal cord; genetic testing is important to identify affected and carrier cats.

Korat Fun Facts

  • The silver-blue cat with a passport from Thailand. In 1959, two Korats named Nara and Darra were brought to the United States. It is said that the cats were gifted to Mrs. Jean Johnson and her husband upon his retirement from the Foreign Service in Thailand.

  • A symbol of fortune in marriage. Two Korats given to a bride are a symbol of luck and many years of happiness.

  • A kitty for the history books. In Thailand's Ayutthaya period from 1350 to 1767, the Korat was depicted among 16 other cat breeds in "The Cat-Book Poems" that were considered a symbol of luck and good fortune.

Korat Characteristics

15+ years
Good with
Families, children, some dogs and cats
Shedding amount
Affection level
Activity level
Tendency to vocalize
Medium to High
Exercise needs


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