10 Ways Cats Show They Love You
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10 Ways Cats Show They Love You

If you've owned dogs before and recently got a cat, you've probably noticed a considerable difference in their behaviors. Dogs are pretty easy to see when they're trying to tell you they love you, but what about cats? How can you know if your cat is trying to show that they love you? Well, there are ten main ways that cats show they love you.


Purring is the most obvious way to tell that a cat is showing they love you. This gentle sound happens when they're completely comfortable and happy to be around you. They might purr when you're in the room, petting them, or they're lying next to you. Either way, purring is one way they show their love.

Head Bumps and Leg Rubs

This sign might be obvious, but when your cat is rubbing on your legs or head bumping you, they love you. When they bump their heads into you, they're leaving their pheromones or scent on you. In their mind, this is them claiming you as their person. Some cats will rub on other parts of your body depending on what's accessible for them at the time.


Cats aren't normally lickers; that's more of a dog behavior. But cats do lick sometimes! Most of the time, when you see cats licking, it's because they're grooming themselves or another cat. When your furry friend approaches you and licks you, they trust you and are trying to show you that they love you. Cats licking is how they groom you, which is a way they show affection. Just like how rubbing on you is a way they "mark" you as theirs, licking is another way they leave their scent on you.


Kneading or as some people call it, "making biscuits," is another way to tell that your cat is showing you they love you. Kneading is something cats instinctively know how to do from birth. They would knead at their mother to stimulate milk flow. Since the motion is associated with happiness for the cat and they know they won't get milk from you, it's a surefire way to know they love you.

Hunting and Gifting Prey

This sign that your cat loves you might seem weird and even gross, but we promise it's true. Cats are natural hunters, so when they go hunting and bring you back their prey as a gift, they love you. For the most part, seeing real prey like lizards or birds will only apply to outdoor cats, but indoor cats can bring gifts too.

Maybe they have a toy that they "attack." They might take that opportunity to bring it to you to show you that they caught it. Or, if a critter has snuck into your home and they've killed it, don't be surprised if they bring it over to you.

Slow Blinks

Slow blinks from cats are often called "kitty kisses." When your cat has their eyes mostly closed, it means they feel comfortable and relaxed with you. Pair this with them slowly blinking; then they're showing you how much they love you. When you first see them slowly blink, you might think they're trying to close their eyes and nap, but they'll open them again after a few seconds. You can return the love by mimicking their blinks. Slowly close your eyes and then open them, remembering to make direct eye contact.


Most people don't want their cats scratching on objects around the house that aren't scratching posts, but scratching is another common way that your furry friend will show you they love you. When you see your cat scratching areas of the home, pay close attention to where they're scratching.

Cats who love their owner will scratch in areas they associate with them most. For example, if you sit in the same spot on the couch every day, you'll likely see your cat starting to scratch that area more and more. Remember, they're not scratching to be destructive but to remember your scent and almost claim you as theirs.


Playful cats are adorable! But did you also know that they're showing you they love you when they play with you or want you to play with them? Many cats prefer to play alone, but if your cat is bringing you toys, taunting you by staying slightly out of reach, or meowing at you simultaneously, then they love you. They're showing you that they value your quality time together and want to show you their playful side.

Tail Posture

You can tell a lot about a cat's mood and feelings by how it moves its tail. If you're looking at your cat's tail to try and see if they love you, there's one specific movement that will give it away. Watch the tip of your cat's tail. If they're flicking it when you're around and even wrapping it around you, then they're letting you know they love you.


Meowing is a cat's way of verbally communicating with you. The thing about meowing is that it can have several meanings, and cats do a specific type of meow to make sure you know that they love you. They might start meowing back when you're speaking to your cat in a soft and slow voice. If their meows are short and quiet, this is a sign they love you.

Other types of meows can be them showing you they love you, but you'll want to consider the circumstances in which they're meowing. For example, when you're cuddling and they softly meow, that's love. When they're loudly meowing and hiding from you, they're not trying to show they love you then.


Next time your cat is slowly blinking at you, bringing you hunting gifts, purring, or showing another behavior on this list, you can rest easy knowing they love you. Not all cats will perform all ten of these behaviors, but regardless, if they do any of the ten, you've got a cat who loves you.

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