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Anime names for a cat
Cat Names

Anime names for a cat

When you have to choose a pet’s name there are so many variants and possible names that you might get lost in this. So, now you chose one reference point in this endless world of names- you want an anime-related name. That is a good start!

Anime lovers that want to add their favorite fantasy world to the surrounding reality might use one little trick. Name your cat in the anime style and you will get an anime character as your favorite pet.  

Anime-related names transmit the charm of the anime character or anime culture to your everyday life. Calling your cat will work like a magical spell that will always create pleasant associations in your mind. 

Tips on choosing an anime cat name

Finding the right cat name isn’t an easy thing. But there are ways to choose the right anime name for your cat. The first option is to search it through things you personally appreciate and love. Tv series, manga or full-length anime, or contemporary Japanese culture elements. 

If you are thinking about anime-related names you surely watched anime or read the manga. You can sit and remember what character or moments are provoking in you warm feelings or happiness. It is important to choose what you really like and find pleasant to think about.

Another option is to choose the cat’s name based on his personality and character traits. Usually, every cat has character traits that you can name: funny, energetic, lazy, clumsy, smart, cunning and etc. Make a list of the words that might describe your cat and think about anime characters or Japanese words that can showcase traits from the list.

If all these actions didn’t work we can suggest you some variants.

Female cat names

 🐈 Chihiro

Best name for a curious fidget, that can’t stay in one place and always is in search of an adventure.

 🐈 Kiko

Will be a good choice for an energetic cat with a sweet and tender character.

 🐈 Asuka

A good name for an independent cat, that has her own story and doesn’t really for you to be involved in it.

 🐈 Fujiko

An elegant and sly lady that looks regal and always is ready for a little mischief. 

 🐈 Kale

The best name for a shy and timid cat with a calm and gentle character.

Male cat names

 🐈 Yagami

If your cat has a serious character and a strong look that can even make you nervous, you might think about this name.

 🐈 Killua

Your cat looks very cute, cheerful, and sweet, but has a noble and level-headed character. This name may be the best for him.

 🐈 Goku

Loves to eat, is pure-hearted and loyal, and doesn’t get angry and revengeful when something goes not as he wants. Think about this name as a choice.

 🐈 Takashi

This name will be good for a shy and quiet gentleman, who hides when guests come to your house.

 🐈 Calcifer

Best name for a mischievous cat that likes to have fun and is full of life.

Kawaii anime cat names

 🐈 Ponyo

Cute name for a cat that isn’t scared of water. But even if your cat is scared, this anime character or how its name sounds will suit well on your cat. Name him or her Ponyo.

 🐈 Luna

The best name for a white cat or for a Sailor Moon fan.

 🐈 Jiji

Good name for a black cat with a cautious character.

 🐈 Yuko

Sweet and ringing name for a cat with a playful and cheerful soul. 

 🐈 Mimi

Kawaii name that tastes like candy and sweets for a small kitty that likes to cuddle. Best name for a girl cat that has a soft temper.

 🐈 Puchiko

A funny name that suits the best cat who doesn’t like to be left alone and always craves attention.

Names inspired by Japanese Pop culture

 🐈 Sushi

Why not name cat like a delicious Japanese meal? Perfect name for a cat that has a rounded shape because of the fur or because he likes to eat.

 🐈 Miyazaki

Name your cat like a famous Japanese animator if he or she too is full of magick and warmness. 

 🐈 Maneki-neko

Good name for a white cat with spots and a happy face. This famous Japanese symbol is believed to bring happiness, luck, and money. 

 🐈 Miso

Another Japanese meal can be a good name for a cat. If your cat brings you a smile every time you see him, this name will be perfect.

Names inspired by famous anime cats

 🐈 Blair

Do you have a black elegant cat with a sweet temper? Think about this variant.

 🐈 Bub

Short and kawaii name for a cat. The cat in the anime was gray with a black tail, but if your cat isn’t and you liked how it sounds- take this name.

 🐈 Chi

Best name for a clumsy stripped cat that makes everyone laugh because of the funny behavior.

 🐈 Hikari

The anime cat was a blue-eyed white cat. Will be also good for a soft kitty with an independent character.

Names inspired by popular anime series characters

  • L(Death note)

If your cat is thoughtful and smart this name can reflect his character. Black cats also can be good as name hosts.

  • Hao(Shaman King)

Cold-blooded and closed nature of anime the character can be a perfect one for an independent cat.

  • Izumi(FullMetal Alchemist)

Best name for a character that has a many-sided character. The Anime character was strong, aggressive, and timid, warm at the same time.

  • Alluka(Hunter X Hunter)

An affectionate and lovable cat can be perfect for this kind of character.


In this large list of recommendations, anyone who loves anime can find a few variants that might be good for them. And if you think about it there is never a bad name for a cat, so it is hard to make a mistake, just have fun choosing one.

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