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Best Cat Treats
Cat Food

Best Cat Treats

Cats make our lives cozier, happier, and more comfortable. Because of that, we have to make sure they get the best love and care. It can be difficult to choose the right treat for your feline friend, but in the end, it’s important to choose a treat that will strengthen their health and your friendship. You can navigate the world of cat treats with ease with the help of this guide, making the best decisions for your cherished companion.

Bonding With Your Cat

One of the most important reasons for giving your cat a treat is bonding. By giving your cat a tasty treat, you reinforce positive behavior which can have positive results on their happiness and health. You train them as well as create a stronger friendship between you two. 

Types of Treats

There are various types of treats you can give to your cat, all meant for different purposes, of course. 

Crunchy Treats

One of the most popular choices of cat snacks is the crunchy treats. Thanks to their firm texture, they prevent tartar buildup and can improve overall dental health. Crunchy treats exist in various flavors such as fish, chicken, and beef, making the treat experience even better. 

They are the best choice for many cats as they last longer than other treats and are overall convenient. However, older cats might struggle with these treats as they can be a bit hard on their teeth. 

Soft Treats

Most cats that prefer treats with a more tender texture might opt for soft treats. Chewy cat treats are a great way to get the nutrients without any hard chewing, making them ideal for older cats and those with dental issues.

Similar to crunchy treats, soft treats come in all kinds of flavors to make them appealing to cats. Soft treats also tend to be more aromatic, which makes them a favored treat among kitties. 

Additionally, these treats are great for sneaking medication for sick cats. This is because their aroma and texture make it easier to hide pills. 

Freeze-dried/Dehydrated Treats

If you’re someone who wants the best for their cat’s health, then freeze-dried treats are perfect for you. These are treats that originate from dried pure meat, making them the most nutritious snack to exist. You can give them to your cat as they are or you can mix them with water to make the texture a bit softer.

Cat Grass and Catnip

You should consider getting your cat some cat grass and catnip if your main priority is their health. Cat grass is an excellent choice for a treat as it is abundant in vitamins that support digestion. It also prevents hairballs from accumulating in their gut. 

Catnip is a great addition to their lifestyle. When chewed on, catnip releases nepetalactone which impacts your cat's mood and makes your cat more playful and happy. 

Are Dry Treats Best for My Cat?

There are many advantages to giving your cat dry treats. Starting from their shelf time, they last more than the other types of treats, making them quite convenient. Furthermore, they are an excellent way to prevent tartar buildup and other potential dental issues. 

It is important to give them in moderation as they’re more calorie-dense than soft treats and can cause obesity. These treats also might be repelling to most cats as they don’t have a pleasant smell, especially if they’re artificially made. 

That’s why you should go for the natural option if you can. 

Are Wet Treats Best for My Cat?

Unlike dry treats, wet treats are often the preferred type of treat. For starters, they are much easier to consume, making them more suitable for older cats. Not only that but they often help with hydration as many cats don’t tend to drink water. 

Wet treats are also good for sneaking medication to cats who resist taking one. They have a much more pleasant smell, making it a far more attractive option to cats. Unfortunately, these snacks can be a bit expensive to your pocket, mostly because they have a very short shelf-life.


It is an important aspect of your cat's life to choose the right cat treat for them. If you want your cat to trust you, you should pay attention to their health as well as needs.

It is also essential to give them treats in moderation. Make sure they have a balanced diet and just occasionally give them treats. You can always contact a veterinarian if you’re not sure what kind of treat you need to give them. 

Frequently asked questions

What are the best cat treats?

The right treats for your cat are often the ones that align with your cat's health and needs. That being said, always go for healthy cat treats such as cat grass and freeze-dried treats to improve digestion and reduce hairballs.