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Birdwatching and Bird Videos for Cats
Cats Behavior

Birdwatching and Bird Videos for Cats

Birdwatching is not just for humans anymore. Our feline friends can enjoy this stimulating activity just as well. We often notice cats perched on a windowsill with eyes wide open and tail flicking wildly. This is when their natural hunting instincts kick in. An article by Cat Friendly Homes suggests that cats still need a proper outlet for their need to hunt despite being well-fed and kept indoors. Birdwatching offers cats a way to satisfy their curiosity and fulfills their need for mental stimulation.

How Birdwatching for Cats Works

Cat and bird have a natural relationship falling under the category of predator and prey. Cats often spend hours just watching birds as they flutter and trill outside. It gives them a safe avenue to feel the thrill of the hunt without really participating in the action. It's like live-action television for cats, keeping them entertained and cognitively alert. Zoetis suggests investing in good quality window perches that help cats watch birds from a comfortable position for hours at a time. 

How to Attract Birds

To set up an entertaining birdwatching spot for your cat, you basically need to attract birds to your yard. It is very easy to do. Here are some simple tips:

  1. Get a few bird feeders. Choose seeds that are favored by local bird species. Make sure that you place them in a location that is easily accessible.

  2. You can put in a birdbath in the yard. It will act as a magnet for birds especially in the warmer summer months.

  3. Plant native flowers, shrubs, and trees. They produce berries and attract insects which are a natural food source for birds.

  4. Provide plenty of safe spots like trees and birdhouses for birds to perch on and build their nests.

Where Should You Set Up Your Station?

Choosing the location of your birdwatching station is crucial. Ideally, you should select a place where birds feel safe and visit often. Feeders and birdbaths placed near the windows are perfect options. However, keep in mind that these should not be too close to the windows. This can startle and injure the birds. Make sure your cat has a comfortable viewing spot like a windowsill or a perch. This way your cat can have a clear view of their avian friends without disturbing them.

Bird Videos for Cats

If you don't have a yard or live in a bird-deprived area, don't worry. Bird videos can be an excellent substitute. Many platforms offer high-quality birds cat video options. These videos feature a variety of birds, often with close-up shots and natural sounds that captivate cats' attention. Play these videos on a TV or tablet and watch your cat become engrossed.

Cat TV

Beyond bird videos for cats, there are entire channels dedicated to cat entertainment. Cat TV for cats has a range of wildlife clips that feature birds, squirrels and fish. The stimulation that your cat gets from these videos will offer them much-needed mental engagement. These channels have hours of content to keep your cat entertained. This is especially useful while you’re busy or away from home.

Benefits of Birdwatching for Cats

Birdwatching has numerous benefits for your feline friend. Watching birds can keep your cat's mind active and reduce boredom considerably. The excitement of birdwatching can encourage cats to exercise by moving, jumping, and stretching. Nature and its surrounding sounds have a calming effect on cats. If your cat spends hours looking out the window they will have reduced anxiety and stress. It entertains and provides a fun and engaging way for cats to pass the time especially for indoor cats.

Disadvantages of Birdwatching for Cats

Birdwatching is generally good, although it can have certain drawbacks. Some cats may grow dissatisfied if they merely watch birds but do not have any chance to catch them. Birdwatching may trigger excessive excitement in certain cats, resulting in stress. If your cat spends hours staring out the window, they will experience less worry and tension. It entertains and engages cats and is especially good for indoor cats.


Birdwatching is a great way to improve your cat's life. You can keep cats amused for hours by creating a bird-friendly atmosphere outside your windows or playing videos for cats to watch. While there are some possible drawbacks, the benefits are way more. You can transform your house into a bird watching paradise to keep your cat happy, healthy, and occupied.