California's Most Popular Cat Names
October 14, 2022

California's Most Popular Cat Names

As soon as you get your new kitten home, it would help if you started thinking of a name for it. Many wish to learn about their kitten's characteristics before deciding on a name. In some cases, however, a character will come to you when you look at your new kitten.

The worlds of popular culture and entertainment offer a wealth of potential names for your new male cat, whether you're a die-hard cinephile, a casual Netflix watcher, or a dedicated reader. Your cat may spend a lot of time sleeping in front of the warm TV, so don't be alarmed if you find it there.

Tips on Choosing a California Cat Name

  • Your kitten's one-of-a-kind character may inspire its name. A "rascal" would be a naughty kitten, whereas a "princess" might be a spoiled little girl.

  • Your kitten's breed or appearance might be an inspiration for a name.

  • As the trend toward giving animals human names continues, it's no surprise that many individuals give their cats human names.

  • Go for a name that will still fit your kitten when it's an adult.

  • Your cat's name must be distinctive from those of other household members and pets.

California Popular Cat Names

Adopting a cat from one of San Diego's Animal Services' three shelters could be as simple as coming up with a name you love. On Friday, it was revealed that Kitty is the most popular cat identifier in San Diego County.

Without further ado, here are some popular cat names in California.

🐈 Sophie

Sophie is an excellent name for a female cat. It comes from the Greek word Sophia, which means "knowledge."

🐈 Bailey

The European-sounding name Bailey is frequently used for female and male feline companions. It's a French name that initially meant "official" or "head honcho."

🐈 Oliver

Oliver takes its meaning from the olive tree, most often given to male cats. With such a widespread name, it's no surprise that the olive tree is a sign of plenty in the Bible.

California Cat Names for Girls

🐈 Lily

The flower lily, a sign of innocence and purity, is the inspiration for the lovely cat named Lily. 

🐈 Lola

If you know a woman named Dolores, you may call her Lola, but it's also a cute name for a cat.

In a close race for first, I'd recommend either Bella or Lucy for your new feline friend. The Italian word for beautiful, Bella, also happens to be a lovely cat's name. A creature that brightens our lives deserves a name like Lucy, which comes from the term "bearer of light."

Cat Names for Boys

🐈 Binx

If you're a big fan of the Halloween movie Hocus Pocus, you might want to give your new cat the name of the boy-turned-black-cat protagonist.

🐈 Felix

Can you believe Felix the Little Cat is over a century old? Felix is a timeless option for a male cat's name.

🐈 Jones

Cartoons and kid's movies aren't your only sources of creativity. Similarly, a courageous cat named Jones appears in the sci-fi/horror classic Alien.

Sunny Cat Names

Do you have a pet that makes you long for a relaxing getaway to a warm beach? Need help finding the perfect moniker for your little ray of sunshine? Here is a list of suggestions for a summertime cat name based on seasonality, name meaning, and everyday summer activities.

🐈 Max

The name Max originates from the Latin term Maximus, which means "greatest." This makes it the best name for a cat ever.

🐈 Coco

Coco Chanel is mainly responsible for the widespread use of the name Coco. However, an interesting tidbit is that Gabrielle was her first name.

Winter Cat Names

Have you recently discovered your long-lost cat during the colder months? Or perhaps winter is your favorite season. The time and place of its discovery are essential considerations, but the choice of name is just as important.

🐈 Alaska

The name Alaska is fitting for a royal and calm feline, like one of the most famous cats in history.

🐈 Crispin

Even though he was the real villain in "The Jungle Book," you should call your new cat "Crispin."

We hope you find the perfect name here for your hilarious cat.