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Can Cats Eat Bread?
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Can Cats Eat Bread?

It’s not unusual for some cats to love the taste of bread. Does your cat race to the kitchen when they hear the sound of the toaster? As a cat owner, you’ve probably wondered: can cats eat bread? We seek to answer this question in this comprehensive guide and show you whether bread is healthy for cats.

My Cat Likes Bread!

You probably have seen lovely and amusing pictures and videos of cats snatching bread from counters. Some cat owners like to feed their cats with bread as treats, and this is no cause for alarm. There’s nothing toxic in cat bread.

The majority of veterinarians agree that there’s nothing wrong with your cat eating bread. However, you must ensure that the bread is plain baked and given in moderation. If your cat is a bread lover, the recommended size is that of a thumbnail and it should be done once or twice a week.

You should never feed your cat flavored bread or those containing toxic ingredients like onions, spices, and garlic. Also, bread with toppings like butter, chocolate, or peanut butter spread should never be given to cats.

While feeding bread to cats is harmless, it has no nutritional value. Bread contains carbohydrates and lots of empty calories that are unhealthy for cats. 

Is Bread Bad for Cats?

Given in moderation, bread isn’t bad or harmful to cats. However, if your cat is to live a healthy life, bread shouldn’t be part of their diet.

Naturally, cats are obligate carnivores. This means that for you to have a healthy cat, their diet must consist of meat and meat products. While bread seems like a harmless snack, it’s of no nutritional benefit to your cat.

Cats can eat plain baked bread, but they should never eat raw dough. It contains active yeast which is toxic to cats. The active ingredients in yeast can cause serious harm to your cat’s stomach.

The smallest amount of yeast ingestion can be a matter of life and death for your cat. It causes chronic bloating and swelling of the stomach. Yeast ingestion also has other symptoms that are uncomfortable for your cat. These symptoms include:

  • Pain

  • Vomiting

  • Gas

  • Diarrhea

If your cat has accidentally ingested raw dough, take them to the vet immediately.  

Is There a Safe Way to Feed Bread to Cats?

The safest way to feed your cat bread is by giving a small amount of plain baked bread, with

no toppings. You can also use bread to administer oral medication. If your cat doesn’t like taking pills, you can stuff it in a piece of bread. Without knowing it, your cat will swallow the drug.

Cats with diets that are restricted in carbohydrates shouldn’t eat bread! 

There are toxic foods that cats must never eat. These include chocolate, garlic, onions, and salty snack foods. If you give your cat any of these foods with bread, the results will be fatal.


This comprehensive guide answers the question “Can cats eat bread?” While it’s a harmless treat, it clearly shouldn’t be part of your cat’s regular diet.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can cats eat pizza?

No. Pizza contains ingredients like onions and garlic that are toxic to cats.

Can cats eat crackers?

No. Crackers contain too much salt that’s unhealthy for cats.

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