Cats that stay small
November 16, 2022

Cats that stay small

Cats are remarkable animals with a wide range of sizes and personalities. They come in all shapes and sizes, from the massive Maine Coon to the small Ragdoll Cats. With so many breeds out there, it can be challenging to narrow down your choices- especially if you live in a small space. While you may be drawn to a large-sized breed, you may be better off choosing a cat that stays small.

The Smallest Cat Breed

The smallest cat breed is the Singapura Cat. These cats are typically no more than 12 inches at the shoulder, with the males weighing around 3 pounds, while the females can weigh as little as 2 pounds. The Singapura's short legs are seen as a sign of their small size and lack of strength, but it does not mean they are frail. These cats can be tough and are known to be great pets for families, those with disabilities, or old age ailments.

Small Cat Breeds

Here are some cats that stay small:

Singapura Cat 🐈

The Singapura Cats are the smallest breed of cats in the world. They originated in Singapore, where they were crossbred with the Burmese and the Siamese. These cats have short legs and tails and small heads with big ears. The coat is short and sleek with a shiny top coat. They are regarded as agile, friendly, intelligent cats that make great pets for any family or person. They are sometimes called Singapore Spooks, Catkins, or just Mini-Siamese.

Devon Rex Cat 🐈

The Devon Rex or Devonshire Rex is a naturally small breed of Cat that first appeared in the UK during the Victorian era. They have a long history in the West Country and Devon, where sailors imported them. The breed was then developed and established as a breed standard by Andrew Reid from around 1867 to 1890. The name comes from Reid, who often refers to his cats as "Devon-rexes." The Devon Rex has very short legs, big ears, and a short, thick coat with a distinctive ticked pattern. They are typically white, with some patches of color found on the face, paws, and tail tip.

American Curl Cat 🐈

The American Curl is a medium-sized cat with short legs and a curled tail. It was first discovered in 1981 in Lakewood, California. Their coat color variates in many possible variants, ranging from white to brown to black. They are known as loving, playful, and intelligent cats that can be slightly naughty. The curl on the ears of these cats is the result of a genetic trait called "The Curly Gene." 

Munchkin Cat 🐈

The Munchkin is a cat that stays small. They are also sometimes known as boot cats, stumpy cats, or short legs since they have short legs and long bodies. They have short noses and big ears. They can weigh 8-12 pounds at the most, with males slightly larger than females. Their coat comes in all colors, patterns, and lengths. The characteristic short legs are attributed to a genetic mutation. It is suggested that their short legs make it harder for them to fall from heights.

Burmese Cat 🐈

The Burmese Cat is a medium-sized cat with a long body and short legs. They are brilliant and affectionate, making them easy to train. They have large ears and big eyes in a wide range of colors. They have short tails, which they love to show off by swishing back and forth. The Burmese Cat has four different variations, including the American Burmese, Jersey Wooly, Bombay, and Tonkinese.


Many different cats stay small and make great pets. If you are looking for a cat that can live in a small apartment, there is a wide variety of cats to choose from.