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Egyptian cat names
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Egyptian cat names

Egyptian cat names are a fantastic option for your kitty. Naming a cat highlights its personality, character qualities, and distinguishing features, and also aids in the development of a deep bond between the cat and its owner. If you've decided to give your cat an Egyptian name, you'll find lots of unique possibilities. The Egyptian cat name you choose will undoubtedly be distinctive, whether it is inspired by art, history, religion, or popular Egyptian names.

Tips on choosing an Egyptian cat name

When deciding on the ideal Egyptian cat name for your little one, keep the following aspects in mind.

1. Your cat's look.

Your cat's color or distinguishing qualities, such as markings, will indicate which name is appropriate for it. Ebony or Onyx, for example, are excellent Egyptian black cat names. Take note of your kitten's physical traits, such as the thickness of its coat, the shape of its ears, and the length of its limbs.

2. Your cat's personality.

A good cat name should be as descriptive of your cat's characteristics as possible. Having a new pet might be difficult since you haven't had enough time to get to know it properly. If your cat is still a little kitten, its personality is only starting to develop. In such instances, it is best to spend a few days monitoring your new kitten and determining its personality features, habits, and individuality.

3. Choose short names.

It's better to choose short names consisting of two or three syllables. It would be easier for your cat to remember its name. You'll also probably want to introduce your cat to friends, relatives, veterinarians, and other people, so a shorter name is preferable and more convenient.

4. The name must be euphonious and practical.

Choosing a particularly exotic and complex-sounding name for your cat mightn't be appropriate for further use.

For example, naming your pet Osiris, Lord of the Underworld and Judge of the Dead, may seem like an original name at first, but you'll most likely get tired of using it and explaining to others the reason for such a specific choice.

5. Find out the origin of the name.

Look for a translation of the name you want to give your cat, and make sure it doesn't carry a negative meaning. Make sure that it's as harmonious as possible with the appearance of your pet and its personality.

Names for male Egyptian cats

In ancient Egypt, names traditionally reflected:

  • family bonds;

  • character traits;

  • religious commitment; 

  • revered deities; 

  • birth order;

  • other important aspects of human life.

The same goes for Egyptian cat names male or female.

The list below will help you select notable names to emphasize your boy's temperament, appearance, or lineage.

  • Akil — smart

  • Ammon — mystery

  • Asim — protector

  • Husani — handsome boy

  • Jabari — brave

  • Kahotep — peaceful

  • Kamuzu — healer

  • Khalid — immortal

  • Lateef – gentle

  • Masud — good fortune

  • Masudi — merry

  • Mkhai — fighter

  • Mshai — wanderer

  • Mekal – fierce devourer

  • Nassor – victor

  • Nephi — good son

  • Nkosi — law

  • Nomti — strong

  • Oba – king

  • Sefu — sword

  • Shakir — grateful

Names for female Egyptian cats

If you want to find the greatest nickname for your cat based on its color, markings, or personality, the list of female Egyptian names below might be a terrific source of inspiration. It's worth noting that, unlike many other ancient civilizations, women in Egypt frequently had equal or even more influence than males.

  • Aisha — peaceful

  • Aya — magical angel

  • Aziza — precious

  • Chione — daughter of the Nile

  • Ebonee — black

  • Heba — generous gift

  • Jomana — noble

  • Lotus – flower

  • Lapis — blue gemstone

  • Mandisa — sweet

  • Monifa — lucky

  • Maat – Goddess of Order & Justice

  • Maye – beloved of Amun

  • Monifa – lucky

  • Mosi – born first

  • Nailah – successful

  • Nenet — divine

  • Rana — beautiful

  • Safiya — pure

  • Salma — peace

Egyptian Goddess’ names as inspiration for female cat names

Cats were emblems of divinity and protection in ancient Egypt. They were utilized as pest control, as companions, and even as a symbol of the goddess Bastet. Here are some fantastic Egyptian cat goddess names.

  • Amentet - Goddess of the Dead

  • Anuket - Goddess of the Nile River

  • Bastet -  Goddess of love, beauty, fertility, cats, dance, music, and war

  • Merit – an Egyptian goddess associated with rejoicing, singing, and dancing 

  • Hathor – Goddess of the sky, women, fertility and love

  • Heqet - Goddess of childbirth and fertility in Ancient Egypt

  • Hesat - an ancient Egyptian goddess in the form of a cow

  • Isis - Goddess of love, healing, fertility, rebirth, magic, and the moon.

  • Menhit - Goddess of war

  • Neith - Goddess of creation, war, and hunting

  • Nut - Goddess of the sky and heavens in ancient Egypt

  • Pakhet - Goddess of War

  • Renenutet - an Egyptian goddess of nourishment and the harvest

Egyptian God's names as inspiration for unique boy cat names

Egyptian Cat God Names are ideal for your male cat with a unique personality and look. If you go deeper into Egyptian mythology, you will find an outstanding range of beautiful cat names, like the following.

  • Amun - God of Winds

  • Anhur - God of War

  • Anubis - God of the dead and ruler of the underworld 

  • Apep - God of Evil, darkness, and chaos

  • Geb - God of the Earth

  • Dedun - God of Incense

  • Ha - God of the western deserts

  • Horus - God of war, sky, and protection

  • Iah - God of the moon

  • Kek - God of the darkness and chaos

  • Maahes - God of war and weather

  • Nefertum- God of the lotus blossom and perfume and aromatherapy.

  • Nemty- God of ferrymen

  • Thoth - God of magic, learning, and scribes

Cat names inspired by Egyptian culture and history

Cats had a vital part in ancient Egyptian civilization, according to historical documents. According to Egyptologists, the ancient Egyptians believed cats carried a bit of the divine. This idea believed that speaking with cats provided people with more protection, which is why so many artifacts from this time period are cat-themed or cat-shaped. Here are some of the most popular ancient cat names, male and female, linked with illustrious monarchs, thinkers, and respected gods that left their imprint on Egyptian culture.

  • Cleopatra

  • Nefertiti

  • King Tutankhamen

  • Sphinx or Sphynx

  • Amenhotep

  • Aten — the Egyptian word for "sun disk"

  • Horus — son of Osiris, one of the most important gods of Ancient Egypt

  • Hatshepsut - a female Egyptian ruler

  • Imhotep — an ancient Egyptian philosopher

  • Kemet — a name for Egypt

  • Maimonides — an Egyptian philosopher

  • Manetho — an ancient Egyptian priest

  • Thoth — an Egyptian philosopher

  • Twosret — a female Egyptian ruler

  • Ramses — a famous Egyptian ruler

  • Pharaoh — a term that means "Egyptian ruler"

  • Sobekneferu — a female pharaoh

  • Thutmose — the third pharaoh of the 18th dynasty of Egypt

Cat names inspired by Egypt cities, monuments, rivers, and other places

The beautiful and historically significant places in Egypt can inspire you to choose one of the most exotic Egyptian cat names.

  • Abydos - one of the oldest cities of ancient Egypt

  • Alexandria - the second-largest city in Egypt

  • Cairo - the capital city of Egypt

  • Damietta - the port city of the Nile Delta

  • Gezira - an island in the Nile River in central Cairo

  • Ramesseum - the memorial temple of the pharaoh Ramesses

  • Rosetta - the port city of the Nile Delta

  • Damietta - the branch of the Nile

  • Aswan - a famous Nile river dam

  • Sinai - a peninsula in Egypt

The long history of Egypt is a terrific source of inspiration for beautiful cat names. Egypt unquestionably wins when it comes to the intimate relationship between culture and cats. Cats may be found across thousands of years of Egyptian art and text. The Egyptians are regarded as the earliest civilization to have contributed to the evolution of domestic cats.

Cats are mentioned several times in Egyptian religion, featured in drawings and paintings, and some Egyptian deities were shown with cat-like heads. Cats have been adored and safeguarded in Egypt since ancient times. Anyone who injured or killed a cat suffered harsh penalties. Cats are regarded sacred and valuable in Egypt even now.

Egyptian names are ideal for your cherished kitty companion and are most likely distinctive and unusual. If you have an Egyptian cat breed, such as an Egyptian Mau or a Hairless Sphynx, ancient cat names for male or female are ideal.

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