Famous Cat Names – A Helpful Name Picking Guide
Cat Names

Famous Cat Names – A Helpful Name Picking Guide

After all, even if your cat isn’t famous, your will still feel like they’re under the spotlight because of its unique name. If there are still problems with finding the right name, you can refer to the list of tips below.

Tips On Choosing A Name

Your choices for famous cat names are practically endless. From notable celebrities to beloved fictional characters, you have plenty of cat names at your disposal. It’s all just up to your preferences and interests!

That said, here are some methods you can consider when picking a famous cat name below:

Inspired By Celebrities

Just like how parents would name their children after well-liked celebrities, you can also name your cat after your favorite celebrity! That said, you can choose a celebrity that best matches your cat’s personality.

Inspired By Books, Movies, Or Series

This is another common name-picking method for many pet owners. Besides, it’s a great way to pay homage to your favorite fictional character. Again, you can try picking a fictional character that best suits your cat’s personality.

Inspired By History

Who says you can only name your feline friend after celebrities and fictional characters? If you’re into history, you can honor your favorite historical figure by naming your cat after them.

Names For Boy Cats

Who doesn’t want their male cat to be as charming as these male celebrities? Besides, these male celebrities aren’t just super talented. They also have looks and charms, stealing the hearts of many fans!

  • LEONARDO – Make your cat feel like a heartthrob by naming him after the famous actor and 90s heartthrob!

  • ELVIS – Labeled as the King of Rock, naming your cat after this American singer will make them just as legendary.

  • CRISTIANO – Even if your cat can’t play soccer, your cat’s swiftness could pay tribute to the Portuguese soccer player’s signature jump and swivel move.

Names For Girl Cats

Let your cat’s inner diva reflect through these famous female cat names. After all, these famous celebrities are known for the strong girl power they emanate! 

  • BEYONCE – Make your kitty stand out by naming her after one of the spectacular pop legends.

  • GIGI – Your kitty might have a strut-like walk, then it only makes sense to name her after one of the most successful models.

  • SELENA – If you’re a fan of Selena Gomez, then the answer is easy.

Through The History

Who says you can only name cats after famous celebrities? If you consider yourself a history nerd, you can name your cat after your favorite historical figure. Here are some examples:

  • ABRAHAM – Abraham is definitely a cool-sounding name for a cool cat.

  • PLATO – If your cat is a wise one, go ahead and name him after the revered Greek philosopher.

  • MOZART – If you are a fan of the classics, Mozart is a perfect cat name.

Cartoon Characters' Cat Names

Animation movies have a lot of memorable characters. From gentle characters to smart ones, there should be a cartoon character that matches your cat’s personality well. Let’s see what you can choose:

  • GARY – The Spongebob character is known for being intelligent and calm.

  • CHOWDER – Chowder’s charming childish antics best suit cats who are just as silly and childlike!

  • BUBBLES – If your cat is sweet and gentle, Bubbles from Powerpuff Girls is a great cat name.

Movie Characters' Cat Names

Movies have plenty of lovable main characters. But to your liking, you may also name them after intimidating characters. It’s up to you if you prefer a famous movie protagonist or villain.

  • SIMBA – Courageous cats deserve the name of the equally courageous The Lion King character.

  • TOOTHLESS – His black color is a perfect match for cats with black fur!

  • MINERVA – Minerva McGonagall may not be a real cat, but you’ll surely want to name your cat after a wise wizard that shapeshifts into a feline. 

Graceful Cat Names

These personalities are known for their gracefulness in different ways. From the way they acted or moved, naming your cats after these graceful personalities is a fantastic choice. Here are some names you can refer to:

  • DIANA – Just like the late Princess Diana, you can name your cat after her graceful qualities.

  • SHAKIRA – Famous for her zero-effort belly dancing, Shakira is one of the best cat names for felines who move with grace.

  • BRITNEY – You can also liken your cat’s moves to the Princess of Pop’s effortless dance moves.


Overall, this approach this naming makes great cat name options. Besides, even if your cat isn’t famous, these names will surely make your cat feel remarkable. Whether you want a famous celebrity name or a fictional character as a cat name, you should have more than enough cat name options to choose from.

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