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Kitten-Proofing Your Home
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Kitten-Proofing Your Home

Making home a safe place to address a kitten’s curiosity is called kitten-proofing. Do you have any experience of keeping kittens at home? Their furry bodies, innocent eyes, and friendly manners can make anyone fall in love with them. They say, a kitten is the happiness of home, and it feels like being entertained through a comedy.

Are you thinking of getting a kitten? If yes, ensure that your home is cozy, comfortable, and safe for the tiny, furry creature. Start believing that your home is also a kitten house. This is what kitten-proofing means.

If you don’t know how to cat-proof your house, no worries. You can do it yourself, seeking online guidance, talking to a specialized veterinarian, or a pet behaviorist. Kitten-proofing is relatively easy. Zoetis has vet-approved pet care online guidance you can use anytime.

Interior Design with a Kitten

The following are instructions on how to cat-proof a house so that you may relax and your pet is happy in their safe, new place.

Cat-Proof Furniture

Kittens are habitual of scratching, so place scratch-free furniture at home or use protective covers to minimize the damage.

Remember, Your Kitten Can Climb

Kittens have the inborn instinct of climbing. Don’t forget that they can climb furniture, curtains, or any elevated area. So, make sure of their safety and your belongings. Use cat-proof cabinets and shelves.

Keep The Toilet Lid Down

Kittens usually sip water throughout the day. The toilet is easily accessible for them to drink water anytime, as most kittens are not taste-conscious. On the other side, they may fall and drown potentially. So, it’s better to keep the toilet lid down constantly.

Ditch The Waste Paper Bins

Kittens love to explore waste bins, which can choke them to death, dirty the floor, and make the kittens look nasty. Purchasing covered waste paper bins would be a good idea.

Cables, Wires, And Things That Dangle

Supervise your kitten in the areas with cables, wires, and dandling materials as cats and kittens try to hang and play in general. If they show interest, divert their attention to anything else and remove the hazardous objects later. Make sure your cats are safe from the wires.

Home Safety With A Kitten

The safety of your kitten is a priority. Make sure they are secure at your home. The following are some safety measures to be considered:

Hot Spots Are Unsafe

Kitten’s curiosity may evoke them to investigate hot areas like stoves, heaters, or any electrical appliance that generates heat. It may cause the danger of getting burnt or even death.

Not All Plants Are Healthy

Ingestion of some plants like aloe vera, English ivy or lilies can also be toxic or fatal for the kitten. They can cause vomiting, oral irritation, or kidney failure in them. Keep such plants out of their reach.

Tools That Could Hurt Your Kitten

These tools could hurt your kitten, for which safety must be ensured. 

  • Sharp objects

  • Powerful tools

  • Chemical and learning products

  • Small parts and choking hazards

  • Electrical wires

  • Heavy objects

Lock Away Harmful Substances

As these harmful substances at your home could be dangerous, lock them up to help your kitty move freely.

  • Medications

  • Cleaning products

  • Pesticides and insecticides

  • Household plants (some)

General Precautions With A Kitten

Precautions are mandatory if you are planning to bring a kitten home. Make sure to prevent accidents and injuries while keeping peace of mind. These are some general preventive measures associated with keeping a furry at home:

Secure What They Can’t Have

You must be vigilant about what is not suitable for your pet. Remove dangerous, sharp, pointed objects, chemical substances, electrical wires, and breakable items.

Stock Up On Their Favorite Toys

Kittens enjoy playing with crinkle balls, soft plush toys, interactive laser pointers, tunnel toys, and jumping hurdles. Give your kitten plenty of toys to keep them happy for several hours.

Lock All Window Screens 

Keep a keen eye on all windows to ensure they are locked carefully. The pet shouldn’t be able to squeeze between the window panes while escaping or jump from a window at a great height.

In conclusion, kitten-proofing is important to ensure a safe and healthy environment for your kitty. Proper precautions can minimize accidents and hazards. Regular training and observation also play a crucial role. Your kitten needs a peaceful, loving, danger-free, and friendly environment to grow into an adult cat.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to keep kittens contained?

You may use kitten-proof rooms, supervised playtime, training, and recall commands.

How to stop cats from climbing curtains?

You can block the access or provide alternate climbing surfaces to them.