Mexican Cat Names
Cat Names

Mexican Cat Names

There are lots of popular cat names like Tiger and Sophie. But should we stop on this? Different cultures have different names and unique ways in which they call their cats. This article will give you an overview of some of the most common Mexican names for cats and how they are called in Mexico. 

Tips on Choosing a Mexican Cat Name:

  • If you have a male cat begin by considering the names of animals considered masculine in Mexican culture. Some examples are Jaguar, Lion, Ram, Tiger, and Puma.

  • If you have a female cat, start by considering some names of feminine animals in Mexican culture. Some examples are Catrina, Coneja, Mujer and Ratón (Rat).

  • The next consideration is meaning. Consider a few different words that the name can be used to describe the cat. For example, if you like the name Rojo (red), you might also want to consider Amarillo or Verde (yellow or green).

  • Next, think about if the cat is an indoors type or outdoors type of animal. Mexican cats usually either prefer to stay all the time indoors or roam all the time outdoors. Either way is fine but if it's your preference, then consider calling him or her something that suggests this lifestyle.

  • Last but not least, think about personality. Mexican cats are very social animals and therefore have a very good memory of faces and names. You might find that the cat will respond well to a unique name with meaning.

Female Cat Names

🐾 Adriana

It means "full of grace”. This name is quite popular in Mexico and has a number of nicknames depending on how long the name is.

🐾 Ana

It translates as "woman”. This is one of the more popular names amongst Mexican women. It is also common for women to shorten their names to Ana. 

🐾 Carla

It means "strong one". This word also describes an independent woman with a strong personality. 

🐾 Carmen

It translates as "song". It also has a powerful and lyrical message of the song itself. Also one of the longest female cat names.

🐾 Dulce

This name means "sweet". 

🐾 Lila 

This means "princess”. Both men and women in Mexico use this name due to its meaning of "pleasant" or "soft”.

Male Cat Names

🐾 Anselmo

Anselmo is a name from Spanish and means "little angel”. This is a fairly popular male cat name and also has a lot of nicknames like Anselmo, Dante, or Dante Junior.

🐾 André

André means "strong one" and refers to an independent, brave and fearless man. 

🐾 Carlos

Carlos means "Charles," which refers to a man who is courageous and humble in nature, who ends up being stronger than he appeared at first glance. 

🐾 Edwin

Edwin means "power ."It is a fairly common name amongst both men and women in Mexico.

🐾 Eduardo

This means "to be strong”. It refers to a brave, strong, and handsome man.

Cat Names Inspired by Mexican Cities and Places

🐾 Zapopan

This name means "town of flowers" or "town of beautiful flowers ." This place has a flower market that symbolizes good luck in Mexico.

🐾 Guadalupe

This name means "the patron saint”. It refers to the patron saint of Mexico and is used by both men and women in Mexico due to its meaning of "lady of mercy”.

🐾 Hidalgo

This name means "son of the noblemen”.It is a fairly popular male cat name in Mexico and refers to a proud, high-born, and well-mannered man.

🐾 Reynosa

This name means "beautiful rose" or "town of the beautiful roses ." It is based on the city where it was originally used. It is used by both men and women in Mexico but is more commonly used amongst those living in Tamaulipas.

Mexican Names Inspired by Food

🐾 Guacamole

This food consists of mashed avocado, chopped tomato, and lime juice with a bit of cilantro and salt. This name is short in Spanish, which is why it's a popular choice amongst those who want to call their cat something short and sweet. 

🐾 Mole

This meal is a rich, spicy sauce that typically contains chocolate and chili peppers, but this tasty dish has many variations. 

🐾 Churro

This dish is a Mexican pastry similar to a long strip of fried dough covered in sugar powder, which may or may not contain chocolate as an ingredient. 

🐾 Cacao

Cacao is the name of a popular Mexican drink that contain some sort of milk and chocolate. Will be a nice name for your sweet pet.

Mexican Cat Names Inspired by Spanish Words

🐾 Chavo

This name means "kid" or "boy”. Both men and women in Mexico use it because it means being a mischievous boy. 

🐾 Cachorro

This name means "puppy" or "little puppy”. A nice and interesting name for a cat.

🐾 Tomate

Tomate means "tomato”.It is used by both men and women in Mexico as a name for their cats but is commonly used because of its shortness.

🐾 Tonto

Tonto means "silly" or "stupid", which is probably why Mexican people commonly use it for their cats. 

🐾 Cancun

This place is popular in Mexico as a vacation place due to its white-sand beaches, blue waters, and beautiful weather conditions year-round. Will create a beautiful association between the cat and this magical place. 


All these cat names inspired by Mexican culture are suitable for both male and female cats, so you can't go wrong with one of these. All you need to do is pick the one that fits your cat's personality best. You can always add another name as a second or third name to get something like "Gato Alacrán" or "Gatita Cancun" or simply come up with something on your own.

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