Persian Cat Grooming Guide
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Persian Cat Grooming Guide

Persian cats are prevalent on the planet. They attract people not only with their appearance and increased levels of fluffiness but also with minimal activity and playfulness. These pets prefer the monotonous royal recumbent pastime and hate loneliness. They are sincerely attached to the owner and accompany them even during sleep, resting with them in the same bed. This article will help you learn how to groom a cat right. 

a white cat is being petted by a person
a white cat is being petted by a person

Grooming Like a Pro - Best Persian Grooming Tips

This breed belongs to the elite and requires special maintenance and care. The care of Persian cats includes regularly investing effort, time, and money. It is difficult to find a cat more dependent on a person than this one. Maintaining its beautiful appearance and health requires care, proper nutrition, and regular check-ups by an experienced veterinarian.

Strategic Combing for Preventing Matting

The most difficult thing in grooming this breed is combing. Daily combing is recommended, but this does not apply to the tail. This procedure is best taught from a young age. Do not use a plastic brush, when they are touched with wool, static electricity is generated, which causes discomfort to the animal. In regards to the combs, you need to purchase: one stainless steel with long and thick rounded teeth and another with long and rare rounded teeth.

Eliminate Dirt Accumulation With Monthly Baths

Persian cat grooming includes not only combing but bathing, too. The optimal number of water procedures is once every 3-4 weeks. During the shedding period, bathing can be more frequent so that the coat does not roll into tangles. For bathing, you must choose the appropriate shampoo for long-haired cats. Usually, Persians, with the right approach to this procedure, quickly get used to it and calmly endure it. It is essential that the water is warm and does not get into the ears of the animal.

a gray and white cat sitting on top of a wooden table
a gray and white cat sitting on top of a wooden table

Cut Off Grease with Powder

If you often wonder: why is my cat's fur greasy?, then this indicates the wrong care. To facilitate the procedure of combing wool, it is necessary to sprinkle it with talcum powder or baby powder, treat it with a scraper, and only after that gently run a metal comb with sparse teeth along the cat's fur several times in the direction of growth of the outer hairs. It is necessary to try to comb the hairs along the entire length to remove the fat that is intensively released in this breed of cat.

Treat Tear Stains With Non-Staining Antibacterial Products

It is necessary to wipe the cat's eyes every day, but not with cotton wool since its fibers easily injure delicate tissue, but with a soft cloth (with a low pile), paper, or gauze. It is recommended to moisten the fabric with special drops. Antibacterial eye ointment helps to get rid of strong discharges, including purulent ones. With such care, the Persian cat's face will always look 100%!

Smooth Fur: how to groom a Persian cat 

Now we’ll tell, you how to make cats' fur softer. Massage with a slicker will improve the coat's shine, increase blood circulation, and distribute natural fat on the coat along its entire length. If the condition of the coat is not monitored, cats swallow many hairballs, which then burp. These actions are fraught with intestinal obstruction and a severe operation. Therefore, such care is essential for the health of the pet.

Clear Space for Litter Box Use with Scissors

Persian cats with long hair can create a lot of problems, especially in hard-to-reach places (under the tail, for example). To prevent tangles from appearing there, you should cut this place: this way it will be easier for the cat to go to the toilet, not stain its hair, and also clean it during its hygiene procedures.

Persian Cat Grooming: Brushing and Combing

Before grooming a Persian cat, you need to prepare the necessary supplies. Combing begins with a rare comb with rounded teeth so as not to scratch the cat's skin. These cats are combed, starting from the head, moving along the back to the tail, without touching it unless necessary, then they move to the chest, and stomach and finish with paws. After combing, it is recommended to apply a spray conditioner, lightly spraying it from a distance of about 20 cm. It is advisable to use an antistatic spray once a week.

a cat is being groomed by a woman
a cat is being groomed by a woman

Bath Time for Your Persian Kitty

When bathing a pet, you should use special shampoos. Avoid getting the head and especially the ears wet. To protect the ears from water, they can be closed with cotton swabs.

What You Need to Know About Cat Shampoo

Choosing shampoo for Persian cats is certainly important and not difficult at all. One of the important criteria is a neutral pH level. Such a tool will protect delicate skin from the appearance of irritation and restrain the secretion of subcutaneous fat, which means it will preserve the beauty and purity of the coat of a fluffy pet for a longer time.

Dos and Don'ts of Bathing your Persian Cat

So that your pet is not too willing, but still agrees to regular bath procedures, you should follow simple rules:

  1. The water should be warm - not too hot and not too cold.

  2. Do not soap the animal ten times in the hope that the coat will remain clean longer. One, maximum of two times is enough.

  3. So that the cat does not have much stress, it should be taught to bathe and blow-dry from a young age. Fluffy felines don't like loud noise, so don't use a dryer if your cat isn't familiar with it beforehand.

  4. The coat should be combed before bathing and before/during drying.

  5. Be sure to cover your ears to keep water out.

Allocate a separate basin or bath for bathing, to which the cat will also get used and will better tolerate the procedure.

a fluffy white cat laying on top of a table
a fluffy white cat laying on top of a table

Clipping Your Cat's Nails

Every pet of this breed should have a scratching post, but this is not enough for the claws to look beautiful and not cause inconvenience to the pet and its owners. To protect your furniture, as well as your hands and feet from scratches, you need to cut your pet's nails. The procedure is simple, pet stores sell small tongs for claws. You only need to trim the sharp part of the claw.

Persian Cat Grooming: Final Thoughts

Despite the rather complex content of the Persians, they have many admirers. This breed is one of the most popular breeders. They are regular participants in various cat shows. If you know how to care for a Persian, the cat will be healthy and irresistible and take prizes at exhibitions.

a person cutting a cat's paw with a pair of scissors
a person cutting a cat's paw with a pair of scissors

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