Proven Tips on How to Get a Cat to Like You
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Proven Tips on How to Get a Cat to Like You

Cats are independent creatures with unique personalities and isolated nature, and you may be contemplating how to get a cat to like you? Yes, cats are strong-headed but they also love attention and care. Certain body language and behaviors help them communicate their needs. And you will have to learn the ways to get into their good books.

Understanding Your Cat

The first step to getting your cat to like you is understanding your cat’s needs, knowing when they want to engage with you, and what makes them mad. Unlike dogs, cats are not very social and like being on their own and have different ways to express themselves which you need to understand. 

What Makes Cats Mad

Respect Cat’s Boundaries

Your cat may hide under the bed or avoid you because you don't respect their boundaries and invade their personal space. Cats love their independence and alone time.

Avoid Punishment

Punishing your cat may be the easiest way to get your cat to resent you and be away from you. Avoid punishing or yelling at your cat because this will only make them run away. Never strike your cat or spray water at them; it can cause fear and anxiety, and they may not trust you.   

Know Cat’s Favourite Treats 

Like any pet, cats also love treats and prefer some over others. Learn more about these treats to use them to reinforce your cat’s good behavior. Cats mostly love tuna flakes and cooked chicken pieces; you can use these to get them to like you. 

Learn and Respect Cat’s Body Language

Cats typically use their body postures and behaviors to communicate their needs and fears. To understand your cat’s needs, understand and respect their body language. The signs that your cat may use as their means of communication are:

  • A curved back, hair standing up along the spine, bared claws mean they feel intimidated

  • Nudging you is a sign they want to play with you

  • Tail shaped as a question mark means they are in a friendly mood

  • Cats tuck their tails between the legs when they feel scared or insecure

Listen to Your Cat’s Vocalizations

Interestingly, cats have vocalizations to convey different messages. It is essential to listen and understand them to win your cat over. Cats meow when they want your attention because of hunger or desire for affection. Purring is their way of expressing love and affection. However, by hissing and growling, they are asking to stay away.

Communicating with Your Cat

Are there proper ways of communicating with your cat? Here are a few for you to better bond with your pet.

Tips for Bonding With a Cat

Avoid Direct Eye Contact

Direct eye contact is one thing that makes cats feel intimidated. And so, they may become anxious or aggressive in response. Avoid directly staring into your cat’s eyes to make them comfortable around you. 

Be a Copycat

Mimicking the cat’s actions makes them calm around you. For instance, instead of petting your cat, copy what they are doing (blink or avert your gaze). It ensures the cat that you are not interfering with their personal space.

Respect a Cat’s Space

More often, cats do not appreciate you coming over to them and may find it threatening. They feel more comfortable around people who respect their space and stay out of their way unless the cat approaches them. So, if you want to win their love, give them space, and don’t pet or pick them up before they come over to you. 

Let Your Cat Approach You

Cats feel threatened when you come over to them. The best is to let them approach you because then you know they feel comfortable around you and trust you. 

Speak Softly

Always speak softly to your pet friend because speaking loudly or yelling can be scary for them. Talking softly and calmly to your cat can get you their affection. 

Slow Blink

According to a study published in the Nature Scientific Reports, cats slow-blink back to the person who blinks at them and avoids gazing. They like you slowly narrowing your eyes or blinking at them, it doesn’t make them feel threatened.

Use Treats

Treats are a great way to gain your cat’s trust and get them to like you. You can train your cat to associate rewards when you caress or pet them. Offer their favorite treats, and while doing that, pet your cat several times. Later, you can give food or treats after caressing so that they relate good things with you. 

Do a Consent Test

Cats typically give you signals when they do not want more attention. And so, to know if the cat wants more attention, you can do a consent test where you offer a pointer finger to your cat and see if they move their head up against it. It means your cat wants more love. Pet them several times, then stop and do the test again. This way, the cat can communicate with you when they need attention. 

Get Down to Their Level

While picking up your cat, slowly bend to their level so they can see you. This way, the cat feels more comfortable and less frightened.

Scratch the Right Spots

When petting your cat, do that in the right spots. Cats especially like to get pets in the area from the top of the head to the shoulders. Some also like back scratches, but you need to observe the signs of whether they love the pets here or endure it. Moreover, avoid belly rubs because few cats like pets in that area.

a small kitten sitting on top of a white sheet
a small kitten sitting on top of a white sheet

Caring for Your Cat 

At some point in keeping your pet, you must have questioned yourself, “Does my cat know I love them?’ Well, you can show and get their love by caring for them and their needs. 

Tips for Taking Care of a Cat

Keep Your Cat Out of Danger

Your cat will like and appreciate you when they feel comfortable and safe. Ensure they have a safe space to rest and feel protected around other animals and humans in the household. Always keep hazardous substances out of their reach.  

Feed Your Cat According to a Schedule

Cats like to have their meals according to a schedule, and you must not change the times suddenly or often. Also, don’t frequently change the type or brand of food.  

Clean Litter Boxes Regularly

You can get your kitty to like you by keeping their litter boxes clean. Cats love keeping themselves and their surroundings clean. According to an article by PetMD, a clean litter box means everything to your cat and makes them love you. Clean their litter box regularly to earn your cat’s love.

Brush Your Cat Often

Brushing your cat is also a great way to get their love and a chance to bond with them. It also helps keep the coats healthy, stops matting, and lessens the hairballs. Gently brush in long strokes along the granules of furs.

Play With Your Cat

You can use toys that mimic a mouse or an item attached to a string to play with your cat and let them pounce on it. They love the owners who play and stimulate them mentally and physically. 


With patience and respect for your cat’s boundaries, behaviors, and body language, you can win their approval and get them to like you. Everyday practice, attention to detail and lots of patience will help you understand their special language.  

Frequently Asked Questions

How to get a cat to come to you?

You can get your cat to come to you by respecting their boundaries, offering treats, going down on their level, and having absolute patience. 

How to pet a cat?

Cats love to get pets on the top of the head to the shoulders. Moreover, around the ears, under the chin, and on the cheeks. 

How to pick up a cat?

When picking up a cat, go down on their level first. It makes them comfortable because they can see you before you pick them up.

How do cats show affection?

The cats usually rub their head or face against you to show affection. Purring is another way to show their love.

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