Siamese cat names
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Siamese cat names

You are sitting across from your siamese cat, look in his or her beautiful eyes, and think that this sophisticated creature needs something unique as a name. And you find this article.

There is something magical and fairy in their appearance that demands attention and special treatment. Siamese cats are indeed one of the oldest domesticated breeds and, for a long time, they were a royal privilege. But now when they are worldwide spread we have the possibility to have these queens and kings in our houses.

Talkative cats with hallmark coat colors are gentle and intelligent pets, and the best name will be the one that will reflect their bright nature.  Let’s see how to do it in the best manner.

Tips on choosing a siamese cat name

There are different approaches that can be used while you decide what name suits your cat. Siamese cats usually are featuring similar appearances, which made them famous. You can name your cat based on its coat colors and shiny blue eyes. We will discuss later in the article possible names that will mirror their unique look.

Another approach is more individual and personal. You can name a cat by analyzing its personality. Just observe your cat in its essential environment and think about the character traits that he or she might have. How often he sleeps and plays, how often he likes to be caressed, and his attitude toward things around him. All of the small details can become a sign for a meaningful name that will perfectly mirror his soul.

Female siamese cat names

  • Mocha 🐾

A sweet name with the coffee taste will be quite good for a siamese cat girl. Intricate name that will emphasize gorgeous coat color

  • Hazel 🐾

Such a warm name creates pleasant associations for the woods. Will be great for a little adventurer.

  • Crystal 🐾

Perfect name for a kitty with eyes bright like a diamond.

  • Orchid 🐾

The subtle flower perfectly mirrors the elegant appearance of the Siamese cat.

  • Lila 🐾

A funny and simple name for a cat with an outgoing and warm character.

Male siamese cat names

  • Aslan 🐾

Regal name for a truly king-like boy.

  • Milo 🐾

If your boy has a sweet and mild temper and playful nature, this name is perfect for him.

  • Oliver 🐾

A suitable name for a distinguished gentleman.

  • Asher 🐾

Great name for a cat that has an “ashy” coat.

Myths and legends inspired names

  • Apollo 🐾

Will be a good choice for a cat with a shiny bright personality. Apollo is a sun god, so if your cat has a soul full of sunlight consider this variant. 

  • Loki 🐾

Is mischievous nature full of mysteries? Then Loki who is a trickster god can be a good choice for the cat’s name.

  • Echo 🐾

If your cat likes to talk back to you, this name from Greek mythology will perfectly emphasize it.

  • Bastet 🐾

Egyptian cat-goddess just can’t be ignored for a possible cat name.

Names for blue-eyed siamese cat

  • Ice 🐾

Transparent, cold, and flashy on the light… are we talking about your cat’s eyes or about the ice?

  • Sapphire 🐾

The deep blue color that smoothly shines with all blue shades- such a good name for a unique and gentle cat.

  • Indigo 🐾

The closest color that can transmit siamese cat’s complex eye color.

  • Gem 🐾

Don’t we all consider our pets the best and most unique ones? This name perfectly reflects this attitude and the cat’s blue eyes.

Color inspired names

  • Lavender 🐾

Gentle color with a delicate scent. If your siamese has a color coat in this shade, there can’t be another more appropriate name.

  • Cinder 🐾

Name that subtly emphasizes these smooth and ashy colors in the siamese cat coat.

  • Misty 🐾

Isn’t it a lovely name? Sounds great, is simple, and yet has an elegant association with the cat’s coat colors.

  • Amber 🐾

Bright and flamy name with the hidden warmth within.

Sci-fi inspired names

  • Neo(Matrix) 🐾

Why this beautiful creature can’t be a chosen one? It has all rights for this

  • Eve(Wall-E) 🐾

Good name for an independent and serious cat girl.

  • Leia(Star Wars) 🐾

If you consider your feline friend as the princess, think about this name.


All these names are good for a beautiful and original-looking Siamese cat, but still, you should choose with your heart, not your mind. So you can think about your cat's image and your feelings toward him or her and check all the names from the list. If nothing makes you stop and consider the name then maybe you should change your approach to a more personal one. And choose a name from your heart.

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