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Unique Cat Names

For most cat owners, naming a kitten is one of the most remarkable moments that they will hold on to forever. As a result, they mostly think of unique names to represent how special they feel toward the cat. In this article, we have gathered unique cat names that you can choose from.

Tips On Choosing A Unique Cat Name

1. Observe your cat's personality

The number one tip for choosing unique cat names is to distinguish their unique traits. For instance, if your cat is a little shy and likes to sleep alone, you can name him Verti which stands for introvert. Their personality is a good trademark to use for naming.

2. Utilize remarkable dates and seasons

There are only a few pet owners who use the season when they got the kitten to name them. For instance, you got your kitten in the middle of summer, and you remember that it was scorching hot that time, so you named it the kitten Scorch or Summer. Regardless, dates and seasons are a great way to name a pet.

3. Describe their appearance

Appearance, of course, gives a lot of descriptions of a pet. That's why dalmatians are now used to describe other animals which are dotted with two color variations. Now, if you have a cat with different eye colors, you can name them according to the color (blue + orange = Blunge). It's an exciting way to name a cat and unique.

Unique Cat Names for girls

These unique girl cat names may not sound cutesy as you expect, but they are pretty unique, considering hundreds of articles that are about cat names. So, without further adieu, here are the top five names for cats you shouldn't miss:

🐾 Yara

This may sound like an international crop company, and yes, it is; but believe me when I say that they can be used for your cat.

🐾 Gaia

This is just splendid on its own, with or without meaning. 

🐾 Portia

Well, it's not that bad, isn't it? Portia may be another word for doorways, but it is nice to hear as a name, and it fits cats.

🐾 Xanthippe

We didn't invent this one; it's actually from an ancient Athenian legend about who was the wife of Socrates.

🐾 Bijou

In case you didn't know, Bijou is a word for something small and cute, totally fitting for a tiny cat.

Unique Cat Names for boys

Here are some examples:

🐾 Cannon

You probably know why this name is rarely used. It's pretty obvious that it's war equipment, but Cannon sounds cool without context.

🐾 Bennett

Bennett is such a lovely name as it sounds like an obedient, responsible, and intelligent cat. 

🐾 Mikey

Mikey is rarely called a male cat because it sounds like a mouse but why not go for a change? After all, Mikey is very easy to pronounce, and your cat will surely love it too.

🐾 Diesel

It's kind of funny at this point, but according to our research, Diesel is among the most unique name for cats. Aside from being a name for gasoline, it also sounds like an action movie actor, but how about a cat now?

🐾 Brahm

Last but not least, we have here Brahm, which is kind of, creative and masculine. You can rest assured that only a few pet owners use this name for their kittens.

Unique Cat Names Inspired By Nature

Nature is a unique way to resemble and name your pet cat. If you're wondering about some names that can make your cat feel special while utilizing natural elements, here are some name examples:

🐾 Glacier

Glacier is a good cat name when your pet distinguishes bravery, impulsiveness, and beauty. Just like real ones, which are steep, cats are also not fearful of heights.

🐾 Coraline

This name is mesmerizing to listen to hear, perfect for cats who have doe eyes and thick furs.

Marsh Cute kittens with white or brown fur will surely love this name. It's a perfect cat name for a cuddly and touchy cat.

🐾 Flora

Flora is a classic type of name that has a timeless beauty. 

🐾 Grove

Grove, why not? It sounds very manly for male cats, and it also resembles nature. Perfect for your male cat who loves adventure.

Unique Cat Names Inspired By Drinks And Food

Yes, you can name your cat cutely and especially through food and drinks. It's getting pretty standard, but here are some seldomly used cat names related to foods.

🐾 Matcha

Matcha lovers will surely love to give this name to their cats as it will make them remember both the food and the pet. You'll find it cute, especially when the food is your favorite.

🐾 Cucumber

It might be a long one, but it's cute and doable for a cat. Cucumber sounds natural and refreshing too.

🐾 Noodle

Korean and Japanese pet owners might have already thought of this idea, but still, Noodle is one of the most notable names you can give a cat.

🐾 Cedar

Among the rarest cat name related to food is Cedar. It's best for the cat who is mature and doesn't play much.

🐾 Guacamole

Contrary to Cedar, Guacamole is a great pet name for that cats that have a bubbly, active, and jolly personalities.

Unique Cat Names Inspired By Fashion

Fashionista owners need fashion-inspired cat names for their pets. Make sure to check these out:

🐾 Prada

Prada is known as the modern type of eccentric, classic, and ambiguous style. It's a great cat name as it symbolizes class more than anything.

🐾 Gucci

Red and green are among its signature style of Gucci, similar to the holidays' color theme. You can name it after your cat to remind yourself of that particular holiday moment when you got them.

🐾 Dior

Dior is all about cleanliness, fine lines, and architectural style. Similarly, if your cat is very neat looking, consider naming it Dior.

🐾 Burch

Burch is all about luxury sportswear and eclectic styles. Why not name it after your cat who has an active and sporty attitude?

🐾 Kors

Kors was initially distinguished by jewelry that looks expensive with one glance. It's a cute name for a cat that has captured your interest at first sight.

Unique Cat Names Inspired By Pop Culture

Pop culture will most often be relatable to teenagers of the modern generation. It is very colorful, graphic, and artistic. So, how about naming your cat after some pop culture-inspired names?

🐾 Kyuubi

Kyuubi is from the Naruto anime series, a nine-tailed beast that has become the protagonist's most supportive pal.

🐾 Toki

Toki is just a name inspired by a famous application nowadays called TikTok. It's also a cute cat name.

🐾 Luna

Luna comes from the famous movie series Harry Potter, wherein it is the name of the cat.

🐾 Aslan

Have you watched the enchanting movies of Narnia? If yes, you'll surely love this name for your cat.

🐾 Bagheera

This name is among the most unique names for cats and is from the famous Disney movie entitled The Jungle Book.


There are many ways to name your cat, and you surely know a better way to do it, especially as you spend more time with them. But of course, there will come a time when your pets will love to hear their name, so make sure that you give them a unique identity.

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