What Colors Do Cats Like?
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What Colors Do Cats Like?

Surprisingly, there is a secret world of cat color preferences. Cats have a great sense of sight and are naturally inquisitive. And the question "What colors do cats like?" is quite common. You can learn what colors captivate cats the most and how it affects their behavior. This short guide is perfect for cat lovers and pet owners seeking insights into their furry friends' visual world. Let's find out why cats take an interest in certain colors.

What Colors Can Cats See?

Cats have a unique visual system that allows them to see colors differently than humans. You may be wondering, “Can cats see red?” Definitely, no. Cats cannot see red, as they are limited to seeing shades of blue and green. This is because cats only have two types of color-sensitive cells or cones in their retinas, compared to humans who have three.

These cones are responsible for transmitting signals to the brain based on the wavelengths of incoming light, allowing us to perceive a wide spectrum of colors. Humans are sensitive to red light, while cats have a limited range of color vision.

Are Cats Color Blind?

No, cats can see some colors and they are not color blind. Color blindness is characterized as the inability to distinguish between certain colors, mainly red and green. Cats are thought to see primarily in shades of blue and green, with reds and pinks appearing as shades of gray. Their vision is adapted for low light conditions, making them excellent hunters in dim light. Overall, while not fully color blind, cats have a more restricted color perception compared to humans.

Can Cats See Colors Like Humans?

Cats do not share our aptitude for color vision. As we mentioned before, humans' retinas include three types of cones; we can see a larger color spectrum than cats. They have problems sensing some colors as intensely as humans do because they lack the cone sensitivity for red and other warm tones.

a black cat sitting on a sidewalk in an alley
a black cat sitting on a sidewalk in an alley

What Colors Do Cats Love?

Cats tend to prefer colors that look like the world around them. They have a wide color vision that includes blues and greens. Cats may also be drawn to highly visible colors like yellow and orange, which resemble their natural prey. Based on their upbringing and character features, different cats may have distinct interests in color.

Calming Colors for Cats

Certain colors have a relaxing impact on cats, helping to ease stress and encourage relaxation. If your cat suffers from anxiety or hyperactivity, incorporating these soothing colors into their home will help create a more tranquil environment for your furry friend.

Right toy color for your cat

Think about your cat's color preferences while picking out toys for them. Toys in the colors blue and green tend to attract cats because they are the easiest for them to see. They may also love toys with contrasting colors or patterns, which can drive their hunting instincts. 

Cat-friendly colors for interior

Colors that are similar to a cat's natural habitat will make your home more comfortable for them. Coloring a cat's environment in soothing blues and greens can help them relax. If you don't want to overstimulate your cat, steer clear of vivid hues. 

Are There Colors That Cats Hate?

There is not any color that cats hate. However, it's vital to avoid utilizing bright or dramatic colors in their environment, as these may overstimulate them and cause stress. It's vital to keep an eye on your cat's behavior so you can make the necessary adjustments.


Cats may not see colors in the same way as humans do, but they are still attracted to certain shades and can be affected by their environment. Understanding our pet companions' limited color sense and preferences, we can make their environments more welcoming and present them with more stimulating colors. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What color do cats like to sleep in?

Cats like to sleep in low light, dark hues like black and navy blue may attract them. 

What colors can’t cats see?

Cats' reduced cone sensitivity makes it hard for them to see warm tones like red, orange, and brown. They also have trouble with pastel tints or slight color variations.  

Do cats see color?

Cats do have some color vision. They have a restricted color sense compared to humans, yet they can still discern between some colors such as blue and green.

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