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What Do Cats Like? 10 Cat-Tastic Pleasures That Will Melt Their Hearts!
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What Do Cats Like? 10 Cat-Tastic Pleasures That Will Melt Their Hearts!

As cat lovers, we frequently wonder, “What do cats like?” or  "What makes cats happy?" or "What human things do cats like?" Like all other sentient beings, cats are about individuality, but some things make all cats happy.

Cats, like people, are satisfied when their wants are addressed. Simple behavioural indicators of feline contentment include pleasantly relaxed whiskers, side sleeping with some stomach show, and semi-closed eyes and forward-facing ears.

10 Things to Make Cats Happy

This post will examine the top 10 things cats like and make your cat happy. From their love of century-long sleeps to their fascination with heights, you'll learn how to keep your feline buddy pleased and purring. Plunging into the purr-fect world of feline joy, what are 10 things your cat needs?

1. Century-long Sleeping & Napping

What do cats like to do? If you answered with your cats' favourite food, you are wrong! Cats' mastery of sleeping and napping is unrivalled. They sleep for incredible 12-16 hours daily, and some, in true feline flair, sleep for incredible 20 hours. 

According to petMD, this catnapping penchant dates back to their family Felidae as a deliberate energy conservation maneuver. Crepuscular by nature, these whiskered critters thrive at dawn and twilight, taking long naps to prepare for their nocturnal travels. To treat your pet, you can consider a cushy, sunny bed, soft music, or a cozy heat pad.

2. Cats' Love for Hunting

Cats' fondness for hunting is evidence of their fundamental predatory tendencies, which even the most sluggish housecat cannot deny. This behaviour is ingrained into their DNA, whether pursuing a wiggling thread or a dancing laser pointer. This behaviour is about catching prey and allowing cats to exercise and refine their skills.

Offer interactive toys that resemble games to keep your kitty buddy mentally and physically engaged. While the "gift" of a hunted mouse may not be exciting, it is their way of expressing their hunting ability. Encourage their abilities by hiding rewards for them to find during play.

3. Cats' Gentle Bites

Have you ever felt your kitty’s delicate nibbles? This is how to tell if a cat likes you. While it may perplex humans, in the cat world, it's a sign of affection known as "love bites" or "kitty kisses." 

These delicate nibbles serve as a way of communication and bonding with their human mates. It's an undeniable indicator that your furry friend feels safe and pleased in being around you, warming both their and your hearts. To avoid painful bites, consider purchasing kitty-friendly chew toys to divert their fun nips away from your fingers.

4. Cats' Cheek-to-Cheek Moments

Are you looking for signs that your cat has imprinted on you? Well, if your cat has rubbed their cheeks on you or an object, that is their way of imprinting, marking territory, and expressing love using scent glands. You can reassure them by responding with gentle chin scratches. 

Pet health experts point out that this cheek-to-cheek practice fosters familiarity and comfort, indicating that you are family and they're anxious to share their joy.

5. Cats' Fascination with Catnip

Catnip, the feline's enchanted plant, has a hypnotic effect on our feline companions. When cats experience this minty marvel, their reactions can be as amusing as a magic show, ranging from ecstatic rolls to chasing invisible phantoms. 

Catnips have been found to enchant cats by stimulating their brain's sensory receptors, resulting in a euphoric feeling of relaxation. Not every cat is susceptible (it's in their genes), but for those who are, it's pure bliss. 

Adopt catnip toys or actual catnip plants to add a little enchantment to their life. Seeing them succumb to its charms is a pure, magical delight.

6. Cats' Passion for Scratching

Cats have a natural desire to scratch. Scratching helps them remove the outer coat, develop territorial markings, stretch their muscles, and keep their claws sharp. 

You can invest in a sturdy scratching post to protect your furnishings to accommodate this instinct. Cats have texture preferences, so consider sisal, cardboard, or carpet-covered posts. 

And here's a clever tip: place the scratching post near their favoured napping spot to encourage frequent use. It's a win-win situation that preserves your furniture intact while keeping your kitty friend happy.

7. Cats' Love for Hiding Spots

Cats have a natural need to find safe hiding places. A simple cardboard box or a dedicated cat cave can provide endless entertainment for your feline friend. These cozy hideaways offer a safe sanctuary, allowing them to monitor their surroundings while shielding them from potential attackers. 

Zoetis Pet Care reiterates that these secret sanctuaries are critical for lowering stress and offering security. So, feed your cat's curiosity by making a little jungle gym out of stacked boxes with cut-through openings.

8. Cats' Sunbathing Bliss

Cats have an insatiable desire to bask in the sun's rays. Sunbathing is not just about relaxing but also about synthesizing crucial vitamin D. 

Create sunny sanctuaries around windows with comfortable blankets or pillows to keep your feline companion happy. However, take precautions during the hot summer months to avoid overheating. Consider UV-protective window film to shelter your cat from damaging sun rays for the ultimate cat-friendly improvement. Allowing your cat to sunbathe is a luxury and a health-conscious choice!

9. Cats' Thoughtful Moments

Cats are the ideal mood readers despite their independence. When you're down, these sensitive furballs go out of their way to console you. So, take a break from your routine to spend time with your feline companion — gentle pets and light chatting are their love languages, and they'll return with passionate purrs and hugs. Remember, you must respect their space if they want to be alone.

However, these reflective moments from their high perch or window view are more than just daydreams; they are critical for their mental wellness. Cats thrive in an atmosphere that is stimulating. So, give them interactive toys, perplexing feeders, and the opportunity to explore their inner joy. It's a win-win situation for you and your reflective cat!

10. Cats' Love for Heights

Cats are natural climbers who enjoy being on a high. Height gives cats a sense of adventure and control, whether perched on a bookcase or exploring the top of the fridge. They love viewing their territory from above, and it provides cerebral stimulation. Providing safe vertical areas for your cat can bring them great joy.


Understanding what guarantees joy to your cat is more than just an approach to pamper your feline buddy; it's a way to strengthen your friendship. Each action reflects your cat's contentment, from sleep to chasing toys and lazing in the sun. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What makes cats happy?

Cats thrive in exciting environments providing play, exploration, and mental stimulation. They like affectionate connections with their human companions as well.

What human things do cats like?

Cats frequently love their human owners' soft petting, interactive play, and cozy hiding spaces. For instance, play fetch, hide and seek, etc.

Where do cats like to be touched?

Cats often enjoy having their heads, chins, and necks stroked. These are sensitive areas that frequently respond positively to gentle touches and petting.

What do cats like you to do to them?

Affectionate gestures such as caressing, scratching, and cuddling. Additionally, they enjoy interactive playtime with objects that look like prey.

Signs your cat imprinted on you?

Love from our furry friends looks like constant purring, cuddling aplenty, kneading your lap, shadowing you, and even "gifts" of their favourite toys.