Where Should I Put the Litter Box?
November 16, 2022

Where Should I Put the Litter Box?

We love our cats. Sometimes we take them to bed with us and kiss their cute faces. But when it comes to the cat litter box, it often turns out that such an unsophisticated object has no place in our apartments. Such a simple question, where is the best place to put the essential item of vital activity necessary for your pet, can become a rather difficult task for the owner.

The majority of issues encountered while training cats to use the litter box are the result of their owners' faults. A clever kitten may refuse to use a litter box if its owner selects the incorrect sort of litter, does not offer enough trays for each pet, does not clean the litter box frequently and correctly, or sets it in the incorrect location. Fortunately, a cat and a human compromise can easily address the final issue.

The main principles

First, make sure your cat's litter box is in a secure location that is easy to access. While you may wish to keep the litter box out of sight and scent, it is critical that your cat has access to it. A clean, peaceful, and uncrowded area where the cat feels alone is ideal for a litter box.

Depending on how your apartment is laid up, a quiet nook in the living room or bedroom may be suitable for the cat. Cats are scared of being confined, so avoid placing the litter box in a closet or corner that is closed on one end - in other words, avoid making cats feel trapped. While using the litter box, they want to watch what's going on around them.

While the bathroom seems like a good spot for a litter box, the noise of the washer and dryer can startle your cat and make her look for a quieter place to do its business. And one more essential factor to keep in mind: cats are extremely sensitive to smell, so they won't want to use the litter box next to their food and water bowls.

When you have a new cat or kitten, keep it in a small location near where you plan to put the litter box until the animal is settled in. Avoid placing the tray in an area that can only be reached by ascending steps, since this will make access to the tray more difficult. You could even want to put a litter box on each floor of your house so that your cat always has easy access to it.

Consistency is important for cats, so keep the litter box in one place. When the cat is ready to come out of its small area where it has been locked up with a litter box, let it get to it instead of taking it to the litter box. This way, the cat will be able to figure out how to get to the tray on its own.

Cats are very picky and selective. Sometimes it may seem to the owners that the cat's behavior is illogical, unpredictable, and generally inexplicable. However, it's not true. The cat knows what it wants. And considering the following tips, you can also figure out what is best for your pet.

Key factors for choosing a place for a cat litter box


Choose a place for the toilet away from heaters and air conditioning - cats don't like temperature fluctuations. In addition, if the toilet is located near a heater, the smell intensifies.


Silence is what is important for a cat. And even if she gets used to going to the toilet in a noisy place, near working appliances or an open window with the sounds of city traffic, this will be additional stress for her. At the first opportunity, it'll use something else for the toilet.


If someone constantly walks past the toilet, the cat doesn't like it. Cats are modest animals. When it's not possible to install a toilet in a secluded place, use closed models, for example, a dry closet with a carbon filter.

Ease of access

Cats appreciate privacy but hate to feel trapped. Therefore, even in the most secluded place, the cat should be able to get into the toilet easily and easily leave it. It's especially important for older cats.


Don't think that the smell of the litter box can be unpleasant only for pet owners. The cat won't be happy with it, either. Therefore, don't place the toilet in enclosed and poorly ventilated areas.

So where should we put the litter box?

A cat litter box can be placed in any room, in the corridor, in the bathroom, or the hallway - but considering the factors listed above. The unsuitable places are the kitchen, attic, and basement. Place the litter box against a wall, not in a corner. Please don't put the toilet behind or under furniture since the cat may decide that all this space is intended for its hygiene purposes. Choose a place where the cat can see the entire room.

If your apartment or house is rather big, if there are several cats in the house, or if there is an old cat, arrange several toilets in different places so that the animals have access to the toilet wherever they are.

Also, don't forget to leave the door open to the rooms where the tray is located.

It may seem strange to someone to place a cat litter box in the bedroom or living room. However, modern, high-quality premium fillers ensure the complete absence of unpleasant odors.