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Witchy Cat Names
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Witchy Cat Names

Witches are special people. They have a deep connection with nature, and they love the moon and stars. 

But did you know that cats are an important part of the witch's life? They may be a symbol of the Goddess, or of goddesses like Bastet, Sekhmet, and other lion-headed cats; or they may be associated with witchcraft in general. They are also associated with magic and witchcraft in general because of their connection to the night. This makes them perfect for those who practice spells at night!

Tips on choosing a Witchy cat’s name

The most obvious way to find a witchy name for your cat is to align with the theme. You can choose the name from your favorite book or movie. Even if a name has nothing to do with witchcraft, it can be used because you like it. 

It can be a reference for something you enjoy, which makes it special for you. For example, you love cats and witches so you name them after your favorite character in Harry Potter named Hermione Granger - Hermione

You can also choose the name based on character traits. For example, let’s say that you have a black cat, and you want her to have a witchy name. You can look at her personality, and think about whether she is brave or shy, friendly or mysterious, etc. Then you can choose the name that reflects that trait. Here are some examples of the witchy cat names:

Withy Female Cat Names

🐾 Sabrina

Sabrina is a witch in the Archie comics and Sabrina the Teenage Witch is a TV show about her. In both, she’s named after her aunt, who’s also a witch. She's also the main character in the Sabrina comics by Archie Comics.

🐾 Delilah

Delilah is more than just a biblical character; she's an archetype of betrayal. She was a Philistine who lived during the time of the Judges, and she is known for her betrayal of Samson. Delilah seduced him into revealing his strength, which caused him to lose his power.

Delilah also happens to be Hebrew for "honeybee," so if you're looking for something with some sweetness in its name but still has some bite from being associated with betrayal and deception, then Delilah might be your perfect witch cat name choice!

🐾 Lilith

Lilith was an ancient Mesopotamian mythological figure, appearing in the Erra Epic. She was Adam's first wife but left him because he refused to share his power with her. Lilith is now considered a goddess and protector of witches.

Her name means "screech owl," which makes her a perfect choice if you want to name your cat after a bird, or just something that's got deep connotations with magic and transformation: owls are known for their ability to see into the spirit world!

a white and brown cat laying on the ground
a white and brown cat laying on the ground

Witchy Names for Boy Cat

🐾 Willow

Willow is a plant that bends with the wind, which makes it an appropriate name for a cat who is quite flexible. It also evokes images of witches, so if you're into witchy things and your cat's name isn't already "Witch" or "Hex," this might be the perfect fit.

🐾 Sila

If you're looking for a name that sounds like it came straight out of an old-school fairy tale, Sila is the name. This name has been used in literature since the early Middle Ages and takes its root from the Sanskrit word "sila," which means "rule or law."

🐾 Hecate (Hex for short)

Hecate is the Greek goddess of magic, witchcraft, and ghosts. She has been worshipped as a powerful deity throughout the ages and is believed to be a patron goddess of witches. Despite being derived from the name of a Goddess, Hex is also a good witchy name for a male cat.

The name Hecate means "one who works with power." It comes from the Greek words “hekatos” (meaning “far-shooting” or "far-darting") and “hékaton” (meaning “hundred"). In ancient Greece, Hecate was considered to be one of the major deities of their pantheon, along with Zeus and Apollo. Her popularity has declined since then but she remains an important figure in many cultures around the world today.

a cat laying in the grass next to a stick
a cat laying in the grass next to a stick

Cool witchy cat names

🐾 Luna

Luna is a Latin word for moon. This is an excellent choice for your cat if you want something that evokes the celestial light of the moon, but it could also be used as a nickname for the luna moth (a species of large silkworm moth), which is known as Luna in Spanish-speaking countries!

🐾 Circe

Circe is a Greek goddess. She was the daughter of Helios, the god of the sun, and Perse, the goddess of the moon. Circe was a beautiful woman who possessed powerful magic abilities. She lived on an island called Aeaea, where she transformed many men into animals using her magic potions. Circe can be pronounced as "SIR-see" or "SUR-see."

🐾 Morgana

Morgana is a character from Arthurian legends, but she's also the name of a character from the movie Excalibur. Morgana and her sisters Morgause and Vivienne are all witches who have been known to dabble in dark magic. If you're looking for something more contemporary but still witchy, perhaps consider Morgana Le Faye—the wicked witch who appears in several versions of The Sword in the Stone by T. H. White.

a cat laying on top of a couch next to a remote control
a cat laying on top of a couch next to a remote control

Witchy names for a black cat

🐾 Salem

Salem is a witchy name for a black cat. It was also the name of a city in Massachusetts and the capital of the state until 1692. Salem was infamous for its witchcraft trials; 14 people were executed for witchcraft in 1692, which sparked an anti-witchcraft movement that lasted 300 years.

🐾 Magic

There's magic in the world and your cat is a part of it. Magic is a great name for a black cat or any pet that likes to be petted. It's also an excellent choice for cats who like to be held and carried around.

🐾 Nera

Nera is the name of the black cat in the Italian animated movie Pinocchio. She's also one of Princess Tutu's main characters, and she serves as a sort of guide for Chibi-Tutu (the protagonist) on her journey to become a full-fledged ballerina. If you love anime or cartoons, then Nera might be a good choice!

a close up of a black cat with yellow eyes
a close up of a black cat with yellow eyes


We hope you enjoyed this list of witchy cat names. And so many more! If you're looking for something a little more original and unique though, I'd recommend taking inspiration from your cat's parents' names if possible. If one or both of them have really great names that suit their personalities well enough to use as inspiration for the perfect name for your kitty cat.

You might also find something interesting in reading up on the meaning behind any given word; it could be just what you need to help pick out the perfect name for your furry friend. The same goes if you know someone who does magic or spells; ask them about what kind of spells they use or how they got their magical name so that you can get some ideas for cool witchy cat names.