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7 Signs Your Dog Trusts You
Dog Behavior

7 Signs Your Dog Trusts You

You’ve probably given your dog an ear rub, taken them for a walk, given them treats and rewards, and even curated a playlist specifically for them. But you still may some some impending questions.

Why does my dog lean on me? Is it that they trust me? Why does my dog lick me? Could it be that they are hungry? What does it mean when my dog stares at me? Do they hate me? 

To understand this canine-human connection, you need to understand how your dog communicates and correctly interpret their intent.

Main Signs That Your Dog Trusts You

Does your dog trust you? Dogs show trust either through overt gestures or subtle cues. Here are 7 signs your dog trusts you: 

Rolling Onto Their Back in Your Presence

Dogs are at their most vulnerable when they are rolled on their back. If your pup is rolling on their back with their belly exposed, it isn’t just an exercise, it actually signals their profound level of trust in you.

Keeping Eye Contact

Dogs’ stares are a sign of affection and trust. They indicate that they are paying attention to you and looking for advice and comfort. Interesting fact! Maintaining eye contact with your dog causes the release of oxytocin.  

Sleeping With You in The Room

Does your dog prefer to nap when you're around? Whether your dog sleeps on the bed or in their own comfortable spot, having them share a room with you conveys a powerful sense of security. They can unwind fully because of the assurance and comfort you bring.

Looking Up at the Owner in Uneasy Situation

When your dog is feeling nervous or uncertain, do they come to you for comfort? It is evident when people look up to you for direction and confidence that they trust you. When things go tough, your dog looks to you asking for support and depends on you to be there for them.

Giving Stuff Back

Have you ever played catch with your dog just to have them return the toy to you? This seemingly simple gesture is crucial. Most dogs don't enjoy sharing their toys. Your dog's willingness to release the toy displays trust in you.

Responding When You Call Them

Does your dog run when you call out their name? A quick response to your voice demonstrates an intense connection and trust. It demonstrates that your dog loves your relationship and wants to be near you. If your dog trusts you, they will follow your instructions. They have a strong bond with you and believe you have their best interests at heart.

Wagging Tail a Certain Way

While tail wagging can express a variety of emotions, including happiness, trust, and even despair, a relaxed and rhythmic wag is frequently indicative of trust and contentment, according to PetMD. To comprehend what your dog is communicating, consider the context and accompanying body language. Tail wagging and an enthusiastic temperament are excellent indicators of trust. Some dogs may even develop a tail wag reserved especially for you! 

How to Make Your Dog Trust You?

If you are struggling with how to get a dog to like you and earn your dog’s trust, well it's simple. You can improve the relationship by:

  1. Positive reinforcement. According to Zoetis, rewarding your dog's positive behavior with snacks and treats can help them trust you.

  2. Understand your dog's body language. A wagging tail and a calm face indicate that your dog is happy. However, indicators of a sad dog include avoidance of eye contact and a low-lying tail tucked under. Learning these indicators can help you determine whether your dog is unwell, anxious, or fearful.  

  3. Quality time. Spending quality time either by playing “fetch” or cuddling can reinforce trust. Zoetis recommends playtime as a trust-building activity. It allows your dog to overcome stress and release some dopamine.  


When it comes to your beloved companion, trust is the leash you both share. Recognizing signs that your dog trusts you strengthens your friendship and relationship. Cherish those valuable times together; these are what make your relationship so pawsome.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do dogs miss their owners?

Yes, dogs miss their pet parents. They build strong emotional attachments with their human companions and like children, dogs may show signs of distress or separation anxiety if separated with their owners for an extended time.

Does my dog like me?

Very likely, yes! If your dog is wagging their tail, demanding your attention, and expressing excitement when you're present, they do like you.