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How to Get a Puppy to Stop Biting?
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How to Get a Puppy to Stop Biting?

Have you brought a puppy home who is adorable and fun, but weeks later, they are mouthing and biting everything, including your hands, feet, and clothes, and now you are wondering how to stop puppy biting? 

We are exploring why puppies bite and if this behavior is normal, and ways to stop your puppy from biting and help you foster a loving relationship with your furry friend. 

Why Is My Puppy Biting Me?

Puppies typically bite while playing and exploring their surroundings. They may be biting or nipping on your hands or clothes because that is their way to play or work their tiny teeth through their gums, which is also an integral part of their socializing. 

Here are some reasons your puppy is running around biting, and understanding them will help you stop puppy biting.

They’re Exploring the World

Puppies explore their surroundings using their mouth and usually bite other puppies, their owners, and objects. It lets the puppy comprehend the sensory information they receive when biting: how hard they can bite the object, its taste, and if their behavior needs modification. 

Your Puppy Is Teething

Another reason your puppy is biting may be that they are teething, and chewing helps soothe their sore gums. Adult dog teeth grow when they are around 12-16 weeks old and pain in the gums usually becomes severe when they are about 13 weeks old. And your puppy may start chewing on objects more, including your hands, clothes, and sometimes hair.  

It’s Play Behavior

Puppies bite or nip to initiate playing with another puppy or their pet parents. Puppy biting helps them learn a crucial skill: understanding how hard they can bite and what happens if it is too hard. 

Play-biting is normal behavior for dogs; the puppy may even bite you while playing with you. However, you need to learn how to curb their biting with precise and gentle supervision. 

How To Get a Puppy to Stop Biting

Puppy biting is a typical behavior in dogs, which plays a crucial role in their development. However, you must supervise their behavior and correct them. There are several ways to stop puppy biting.

Main Tips on Stopping Biting

Bite inhibition training 

Do you want to know how to train your puppy not to bite? There you go! Bite inhibition training is one method to help curb this behavior. 

According to an article by the American Kennel Club, if your puppy bites or nips you while playing, stop all interaction with them, which may include tucking away your hands or turning your back to the puppy. This way, your puppy will know that biting ends all the fun.

Engage in noncontact play

To keep your puppy’s teeth away from your hands and feet, play exciting games with your dog that require no contact, such as fetch play and tug-of-war. Playing fetch and tug-of-war with your puppy is an excellent way to provide exercise, bond, and have fun while staying away from each other. 

Use up their physical and mental energy

A puppy tends to bite or nip when they are bursting with energy, and using up their energy both mentally and physically can help stop them from biting or nipping. Engage them in puzzle toys or play in the backyard. Stimulation helps keep your puppy healthy. 

Engage in a training session

Another way to keep your puppy from biting is engaging in a training session. Train your dog to the cues for “sit” and “down” to distract them. Also, teaching them to play helps with biting because that will tire them out. 

Stop playing if your dog starts biting

Puppies usually bite or nip when they play because that is how dogs communicate. However, often, puppies bite too hard while playing; in that case, stop playing with your dog if they start biting and move away or tuck your hands away to let them know that it was too much. 

Provide suitable toys and chews for your puppy to play with

You can provide your puppy with softer toys and chews to play with so that they stay far away from your hands and feet. Soft rubber toys, a rope toy, and a stuffed toy with a squeaker are some options you can look into. 

Always keep a toy handy

Learn the signs when your puppy is getting ready to play, such as pouncing and increased energy, and offer a toy before they start mouthing or biting you. It helps your puppy to identify what to chew on and play with. 

Be patient and understanding

Training your puppy to stop biting requires patience and understanding because biting and mouthing is normal behavior for dogs. So, be patient and gentle with your puppy and avoid harsh corrections when encountering such behavior. 


Puppies love to play with other puppies and their pet parents, and biting is one of the typical ways to communicate that. However, it is also imperative to teach them how and what to mouth or bite appropriately, which helps nurture your relationship with your puppy.    

Frequently Asked Questions

How to keep a puppy from biting?

You can keep your puppy from biting with bite inhibition training, engaging in noncontact play, and offering a chew or soft toy to chew on when they start mouthing at you.

My puppy won't stop biting me; I've tried everything. What do I do?

When your puppy starts biting you, stop all interaction and ignore their behavior. It teaches them that biting stops all the fun.