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Top Names for Black Dogs
Dog Names

Top Names for Black Dogs

The first thing that strikes you about black dogs is their fur. Regardless of the breed, black dogs have a fluffy, shiny, and sleek coat color that makes them stand out. As a proud black dog owner, you want a name for your dog that matches their personality. In this guide, we have compiled a list of special and unique black dog names you can choose from for your dog.

Finding the perfect name for your dog isn’t a walk in the park. This is more than just a name. It’s also a reflection of you as a pet parent and the temperament of your furry friend. You don’t want to give your dog a name that will make other pet parents cringe at the park. Pick a name that’s easy to remember and your dog can quickly respond to. Also, keep the name short because their name is the most important word they will learn.

To help lessen the pressure of coming up with cute pet names, take a look at our suggestions.

Female Black Dog Names

Female dogs are sassy, independent, loyal, and nurturers by nature. So, as a pet parent, you want to find a name that suits this personality. Below is a list of cute girl dog names:


Associated with the lily flower, Lily's name has a Latin origin. It’s one of the popular black girl names. The name symbolizes bloom, innocence, and purity. For your dog, the name Lily will be a contrast between her dark coat color and her innocence.


The name Luna personifies the moon in Roman tales. The moon is a symbol of knowledge and inspiration and shows your dog’s sassiness.


Iris isn’t only fancy but easy to call out. With roots from Greek, Iris means rainbow. A rainbow is a sign of color and vibrancy and this is who your dog is.


Coco is one of the popular dog names that’s not gender-neutral. It has origins in France with roots from Portuguese, Spanish, and Italian. The name has a variety of meanings like darling, help, smiling face, cook, and cocoa the chocolate bean. Having a female black dog named Coco shows your affection for her. She’s your darling after all.

Male Black Dog Names

Although no temperament is exclusive to a dog’s gender, male dogs tend to be more dominant, aggressive, territorial, and active. That doesn’t however mean that male dogs aren’t affectionate. 

Here are some names for black dogs:


Jack Pearson from the popular NBC family drama series was a loyal, caring, and the best dad and husband. He demonstrated his leadership capacity in his willingness to do anything for his family. Is your dog loyal and affectionate, but still shows dominance? Jack will be a perfect name choice.


The name Duke is often associated with royalty. But, it also means leadership and is associated with males with strong personalities. Duke is a perfect name for your black male dog that aligns with your dog’s dominance.


Max is one of the popular dog names and is easy to remember and call. The sound of it is the sound your dog will quickly respond to. 


When you scroll through photos and videos of black dogs, one word that comes to mind is “king.” Rex, in Latin, means just that. What better befitting name than Rex?


Charlie sounds affectionate. Although male dogs are dominant, they’re affectionate too. Charlie seems like the perfect balance between dominance and affection.

Strong Black Dog Names

How do you match your dog’s outstanding coat color and stature? By giving them a strong name. Some of the names include:


Inspired by the galaxy, Saturn is the second-largest planet. It’s a suitable name for your Mastiff, Great Dane, and Doberman. It not only suits their stature but will get heads turning at the dog park.


Whether you want to give your dog some vintage vibes or Winston Churchill vibes, the name Churchill will surely do both.


The name Luther has its roots in Germany, meaning soldier of the people. It’s associated with revolutionary thinkers. It’s a strong name that fits your dog’s dominance and active nature. 

Cute Black Dog Names

Pictures of black puppies are the cutest and out of this world. Such beauty deserves a cute name. Suggestions include:


Darcy is an Irish name meaning dark-haired. It suits your little fluffy pooch looks and personality.


Toto has various meanings. It has Italian roots meaning priest on one hand. On the other hand, if you are a lover of The Wizard of Oz, you’ll appreciate the name. Also, if you’re a Formula One enthusiast, you’ll appreciate the name especially if you’re a Mercedes fan. Naming your black Labrador Retriever Toto is just cute.

Names Inspired by Food

How about some inspiration for dog names from food?


Who doesn’t love Oreos? Oreos are dark too and match your pooch’s color.


If your furry friend has an entertaining personality, Pepper is the perfect name.

Names Inspired by Animals

Black dogs aren’t the only black animals. You can be inspired to choose a name for your dog from other black animals. Names inspired by animals include:


The black panther is a beauty to behold. It’s a befitting name for your pooch’s beauty.


The Mustang is wild, intelligent, and versatile. If your dog has this personality, the name is the perfect match.

Names for Black and White Dogs

There are objects, things, and animals that look dazzling in a mix of black and white. Some of these things are suitable names for your pooch. These include:


Pandas are best known for their black and white coats. It’s a suitable name for your black and white dog.


People in Tuxedos look sophisticated. Your black and white dog looks simple yet sophisticated. Tux is a name that matches their beauty.


Finding the perfect name for your dog isn’t just about names. It’s about you as a dog owner and your dog’s personality. We believe that our curated list of black dog names will help you find a suitable name for your furry friend.