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Why Do Dogs Like Squeaky Toys?
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Why Do Dogs Like Squeaky Toys?

You may have bought plenty of toys for your dog, but it’s always that squeaky toy that your dog adores. Whether your dog is eating, sleeping, or cuddling, the sound of the squeaky toy will always get their tails wagging and excited. In this guide, we show you why dogs love their squeaky toys.

Naturally, dogs are hunters and they love squeaky toys because that squeaky sound activates their natural hunting instincts. Research shows that the sound activates the brain and releases endorphins. It’s the endorphins that get them excited and wagging their tails. 

Dogs love that squeaky toy sound as it stimulates them to hunt and chew. They mimic the toy as prey and they love playing and crushing it with their jaws. 

Why Do Dogs Like Squeaky Toys?

The following are reasons why dogs love squeaky toys:

Hunting Instinct

Dog squeaky toys imitate the sound of squealing animals like squirrels, rats, and birds, which are prey for dogs. These toys activate their natural hunting instincts. Some breeds like the Jack Russell Terrier will even shred the toy to pieces like it would a prey if left unsupervised.

These instincts are normal for your dog. There’s no cause for alarm. Your dog must indulge these instincts. Otherwise, they will result in destructive behavior like destroying furniture. 

Reward and Motivation

Studies show that dogs with squeaky toys have increased motivation to play compared to dogs without. That sound is enough to boost your dog’s interest in playing. Also, when your dog bites into the toy, it’s rewarding. It tells them that their bite is strong and they have caught prey. This reward motivates them to keep biting and playing.

Playing with their toys is also a mental stimulation to keep them preoccupied and engaged. A bored dog is likely to engage in destructive behavior.

Getting Attention

Dogs love it when we shower them with our undivided attention. The best way to get our attention is through that squeaky sound. It lets you know they want to play. When you reward them by playing with them, it means the world to them. 

Urge to Chew

Chewing is a natural behavior for dogs. When your dogs chew their toys, it keeps them occupied, happy, and mentally stimulated. Chewing is important during teething. Encourage your puppies to chew by buying softer, small toys.

It’s Just Fun

Squeaky toys are designed for interactive play between you and your dog. The sound of a dog squeaky toy is simply fun for your beloved pet. The toys come in different shapes and sizes and can be played in various ways.

Are Squeaky Toys Good for Dogs?

Yes. Squeaky toys activate their natural hunting instincts. This is normal and important and provides a safe way for them to indulge their wild instincts. Also, squeaky toys keep them mentally engaged. 

How to Choose the Best Squeaky Toy

With lots of options at pet stores, choosing the best squeaky toy can be overwhelming. To choose the best toy for your dog, keep in mind these considerations:

The Breed, Size and Age of Your Dog

Puppies will need smaller toys than adult dogs. Small-sized dogs will enjoy toys that suit their size while big dogs will require a large size of toy. The type of breed also matters. While all dogs will engage their natural hunting instinct, some will be more aggressive than others. Some breeds will destroy their toys by imitating prey while others won’t.

Your Dog’s Preference

Some dogs prefer tough toys they can chew on while others prefer a softer texture. Also, know if your dog loves playing tug-of-war, or throwing, or retrieving. Puppies are more playful compared to adult dogs and may need a variety of toys. Also, your dog’s preferences will keep changing over time, so pay attention.


It’s okay if your dog loves and has an attachment to their squeaky toy. It’s their favorite toy because it stimulates their instinct to hunt. Also, it keeps them mentally stimulated. Regardless of your dog’s play preference, a squeaky toy is a fun way for you and your dog to bond.