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Why Does My Dog Pee When Excited?
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Why Does My Dog Pee When Excited?

As a dog parent, having your puppy pee when they excitedly run up to say hi can be problematic. This occurrence is common in both male and female pooches, and your pets may not necessarily notice that they are peeing! However, you must learn how to address this issue.

Why Does My Dog Pee When Excited?

A dog pees when excited as a response to the spiked-up emotions; this is instinctual for both adult dogs and puppies. However, it appears to occur more in pups under twelve months. In an excited state, your pets don't have complete control over their bladder. 

Hence, holding in urine with the rush of emotions may seem challenging as they wriggle and wag their tails in delight. However, as these pets mature, they tend to outgrow this habit and maintain a significant emotional calm.

What Is Submissive and Excitement-based Peeing in Dogs?

Most times, pup parents tend to confuse an excited peeing dog for a submissive peeing dog. Both are common in dogs and may even occur at the same time. Nevertheless, it is essential to know the one you're dealing with. 

An excited dog peeing would cause your pup to not lift their legs or squat as usual. In this case, the dog would have their tail held higher, wagging the entire body and tail, whining, and barking. A submissive urination dog would pee when sternly reprimanded or feeling overwhelmed, scared, anxious, or threatened. 

Possible Reasons

Dog pee can be messy, as it soils their fur and requires cleaning up. Nevertheless, here are some common reasons why our little fur friends might sprinkle or dribble some urine.

They Aren't a Threat

While exhibiting a submissive behavior, a dog would pee to signify that they are not threatened. Ironically, this is more common in rescued dogs or pups that are fearful, shy, and anxious.


If you are unsure why your dog pees when excited or during playtime, it is often due to less bladder control (especially in puppies). This act is common when pups welcome their owners while playing or when they meet with someone new. With patience and adequate training, you can help prevent such accidents.

Health Problem

Inappropriate peeing in dogs could also be due to several underlying medical conditions, such as urinary tract infections, ectopic uterus, kidney issues, diabetes, etc. Thus, it is better to remain cautious and ensure that the urine drizzling is not a result of a health challenge—be sure to get your pups evaluated by a veterinarian.

How to Stop a Dog from Peeing When Excited

Excitement urination is quite normal and usually temporary. But if you want to control it, you must first rule out any likely medical issue and employ the following strategies.

Keep Greetings Calm

Since pups get excited by your presence, it is important to stay calm and quiet and acknowledge your pet with a calm and soft greeting. It may help to not pet them until you sense that they have calmed down. Kindly ensure your family and friends employ the same calm greetings.

Redirect Your Dog's Attention

If you find your dog all pumped up with energy, you may want to redirect the pup's attention to something else. Tossing treats would help reduce that built-up excitement and prevent urination.

Teach Polite Greeting Skills

You should practice proper greeting skills with your pup, ensuring they sit and wait while saying hi to people. Experts at VCA Hospitals recommend a calm “Hello,” and marking by saying “yes” or “nice” during such training sessions.

Focus on Potty Training

If your puppy pees when excited, you should take potty training more seriously; this is also helpful for submission urination. Providing more opportunities for dogs to empty their bladder would allow them to relieve themselves after you give them a calm greeting. 

Build a Positive Relationship

When frightened or anxious, canines are likely to lose the ability to hold pee in. So, you should remain patient with them and be kind to them to help boost their confidence. Try not to scold or yell; instead, approach your pet calmly.


Dogs pee when excited, as they get hyper-excited while greeting or interacting. Nevertheless, you can put this behavior under control by keeping greetings calm, conducting proper potty training, and redirecting your pooches' attention. However, it is best to ensure this behavior is not due to medical issues. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Why is my potty-trained dog suddenly peeing in the house?

A trained dog peeing in the house could be due to several medical issues, such as UTIs, bladder stones, and cystitis. However, this issue may also result from certain behavioral shifts, such as overexcitation, fear, or separation anxiety.

Why is my dog peeing so much?

Frequent urination in dogs could be a sign of a medical problem, but it could mean they need better potty training in puppies. It would help if you also looked out for other reasons, such as heat, bad weather, diet, and increased activity.