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Why Does My Dog Stink?
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Why Does My Dog Stink?

Dogs make our lives better, without a doubt. Sometimes however, dogs develop a disagreeable stench or stink that makes us ask, “Why does my dog smell so bad?" If your dog stinks or has started to recently, you're not alone. There are many other pet parents who are facing the same conundrum. 

Your pet may begin to smell for a number of causes including dental problems or skin disorders. We'll examine these reasons in-depth in this post and provide workable fixes to keep your dog smelling clean and fresh.

Dog Dental Problems

Bad breath is a very big problem in all dogs. Plaque and tartar accumulation can harbor bacteria in your dog's mouth. Gum disease and tooth decay are primary consequences of these oral disorders. The problems give rise to bad breath and affect your pup’s overall health.

To prevent these you must practice regular dental care on your dog. Brush the dog's teeth every day and give them dental chews to manage and control mouth and tooth problems. Also schedule professional cleanings with the veterinarian as they can help keep your dog's mouth healthy and odor-free.

According to the American Veterinary Medical Association, dog breath odor can sometimes be a sign of serious problems so it is important to get a check-up and rule out any major issue.

Dog Skin Problems

Skin problems also cause dog odor because of the bacteria and yeast. Dermatitis is one such infection so is a yeast infection and not to forget the pesky allergies that are very common in dogs. All these cause the skin to release a foul smell. Dogs with oily coats or natural skin folds like a bulldog will obviously be more prone to developing these issues. You can learn more about potential skin problems using a dog DNA test. This way you will be prepared for this kind of trouble and can provide proper care if needed.

Canine Flatulence (Dog Farts)

Dog odor can often be caused by flatulence, or farts in common terms. Passing gas from time to time is completely okay for dogs of any breed. But excessive or particularly foul-smelling flatulence can indicate dietary or digestive problems. 

Any food that has a large quantity of carbohydrates can be difficult to break down and digest for all canines. It will inevitably cause a lot of gas. If your smelly dog has farts that stink too bad it might be time to change and fix their diet. Feed them a good quality diet that is easily digestible and avoid table scraps to reduce flatulence. Probiotics can also help improve your dog's gut health and reduce gas overall.

Dog Ear Infections

An infection in your dog’s ears will surely be guilty of giving off a strong and pungent odor, according to a detailed article by PetMD. These infections are mostly due to the presence of bacteria or yeast. Dogs ears stink more if they have floppy ears or go for a swim a lot as they develop ear infections more frequently. 

Consistently check your dog's ears to prevent infections. Also clean them very gently. Look out for warning signs because infection will produce redness, swelling, or an unpleasant odor. 

Anal Sacs

Anal sacs and dog smell go hand in hand. These sacs are located on the sides of your dog’s anus. They can become impacted or infected. This impaction or infection will cause a fishy smell around your dog. The anal sacs need to be expressed regularly so that can be done either by a groomer or your veterinarian. A persistent odor that will not go away means it is time to go for the vet’s advice.

Tips for Keeping Your Dog Smelling Good

  1. Regular baths for your dog and a mild, dog-specific shampoo will do wonders. Avoid over-bathing as it can strip the natural oils of the body and lead to advanced skin problems.

  2. A balanced and proper diet will improve health and reduce digestive issues for your dog.

  3. Dental treats and regular brushing will help reduce bad breath.

  4. Ear cleaning to prevent infections and stop odor is essential.

  5. Brushing, trimming and grooming can help manage skin and coat health of your dog.

  6. Dog’s bedding can accumulate odors and germs so make sure that you wash it and keep it dry. 


Understanding why your dog may smell and treating the underlying issues will help keep your pet fresh and enjoyable to be around. From dental care to regular grooming, there are several methods for preventing smell. If you are thinking “My dog stinks no matter what I do,” it’s time for a vet consultation. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How to get rid of dog odor on dogs?

Consistent baths, proper diet and dental care with good grooming can help eradicate dog odor.

Why does my dog smell so bad?

Usual reasons for a stinky dog are dental problems, skin conditions, ear infections, anal sac issues and dietary influences.