Basepaws Cat Story: Snuggie and Mochi
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Basepaws Cat Story: Snuggie and Mochi

On May 1st, 2020, we had the pleasure of speaking with 13 year old Emerson, who found two 10-14 day old kittens in a Walmart parking lot not long ago. The kittens were infested with worms, fleas, and were dehydrated.

But, do not worry, because in the hands of young Emerson Windram, the kitties are thriving! They have been given great care and hourly attention for weeks on end -  what lucky kitties to have landed in this household! The kittens have since been *adorably* named Snuggie and Mochi.

We were first contacted by Emerson when she heard of the Basepaws initiative to support the adoption of cats and kittens during the Covid-19 crisis. Emerson has been fostering and caring for cats on her own since she was just 11 years old. She finds that taking care of Snuggie and Mochi can be quite crazy because they can be quite hyper! She says they are great cats and love people, and the timing worked out well. Emerson, just like most students, must take her school from home right now, so she has plenty of time to dedicate to the cats.

The Windram household is quite unique, comprising a pup named Jeep as well as 6 chickens! Emerson loves cats and other animals so much that she may want to become a veterinarian in the future! Speaking of which, Emerson’s father is a veterinarian at the New Hope Animal Hospital in North Carolina, and you will be able to find Basepaws informational material if you stop by his practice. 

Emerson smiled wide as she told us about her first experience taking care of cats. A family friend went away for the weekend, so the Windram family looked after her foster cat and had a wonderful time! After such a great weekend with this cat, they reached out to the Independent Animal Rescue to start fostering and have since worked with their local animal shelter as well. Emerson says that if you have the means to test your cat with Basepaws, you definitely should. She says the same about adopting or fostering cats and other animals, especially now that people are home and may have more time to care for them. We are so impressed with the Windram family’s gratitude towards cats, dogs, chickens, and the like. We hope you’ve enjoyed Emerson’s story like the Basepaws team has! :)

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