Basepaws Proudly Joins Global Animal Health Leader Zoetis

Basepaws Proudly Joins Global Animal Health Leader Zoetis

As I reflect on the past five years, I am in awe of how far Basepaws has come on its journey toward creating a future where all pets can live healthier, happier, and longer lives. From those early months making every Basepaws CatKit by hand with my trusted Chief Meowketing Officer, Anya Ryan, to spending time with our favorite ‘Cat Dad’, Mr. Wonderful—it’s been the adventure of a lifetime! And as I remember the time I first stood on the stage of Shark Tank and now see where we as a company stand today, Basepaws’ success is without question the result of the unwavering commitment demonstrated by every member of our beloved pet parent community.

Anna Skaya, CEO Basepaws, Anya Ryan, CMO Basepaws, and Kevin O’Leary aka Mr. Wonderful

Our vision to address unmet needs in feline health and bring greater peace of mind to cat parents resonated across the world, and I couldn’t be more excited to share recent news about how we’re expanding this vision to serve even more pets and their families. 

On June 7th, Basepaws announced the big mews, and today we are proud to officially join the Zoetis family. This announcement marks a new chapter in our mission to provide pet parents with actionable knowledge for making empowered, proactive healthcare decisions. Basepaws is thrilled to join a company whose purpose is to nurture the world and humankind by advancing care for animals. Our coming together will provide new opportunities for fresh thinking and collaboration that drives scientific innovation for helping pets and the people who care for them. 

As a company that is 68% female with diverse colleagues from across the world, Basepaws is honored to join Zoetis in their strong commitment to ensure a diverse, equitable, and inclusive workplace where everyone feels valued for their unique contributions, talents, and experiences. I am personally grateful for the opportunity to usher Basepaws into the future with Kristin Peck, CEO of Zoetis, who has embodied this commitment to diversity and inclusion through action and authentic leadership.

Kristin Peck, CEO Zoetis (on left) and Anna Skaya, CEO Basepaws (on right)

As the world’s leading animal health company, Zoetis has advanced solutions for predicting, preventing, detecting, and treating animal illnesses for 70 years in over 100 countries. With Basepaws’ leadership in petcare genetics, this acquisition will leverage the strengths of both companies to carve a unique path forward in precision animal health. Zoetis’s depth of experience, trusted reputation, and global reach will undoubtedly rocketship our sky’s-the-limit dreams for earlier detection of disease risk that maximizes pets’ healthspan and lifespan. 

On behalf of Basepaws, I am deeply grateful to our customers who have been dreaming and co-creating a new future of pet health with us—whether you’ve been with us from day one or are joining us now for the first time. 

My most heartfelt gratitude, however, must go to the talented, creative, and dedicated members of the Basepaws team. You have been carefully growing and caring for these dreams since they were but seeds. Your imagination and authentic hearts, along with a solutions-focused attitude regardless of the challenge before you, has inspired me at every turn. My appreciation for all that you have done and will do is beyond measure. I extend a special, personal word of gratitude to my business partner and co-creator Damian Kao, Ph.D. who has led alongside me with empathy, trust, and vision.

I would also like to thank the industry leaders of the Basepaws’ Advisory Board, Veterinary Advisory Board, and the Basepaws Board of Directors. Thank you for your commitment to our mission along the way. We are honored to have you with us on this journey; your insights and thought leadership have been invaluable to our collective work to improve the well-being of all petkind.   

Like Basepaws, Zoetis is customer-obsessed. As they so beautifully share in their core beliefs, customers come first, and when they succeed, we succeed. We couldn’t say it any better. With upcoming veterinary product launches and our expansion into canine genetics, these words will echo throughout Basepaws’ work at every level. 

Basepaws is committed in heart and mind to create better lives for every pet, and we couldn’t do this without the loyal and compassionate members of our pet parent community. We journey on together as part of the Zoetis family, to co-create a future of health and wellness for our pets that will be brighter than ever.

– Anna Skaya, CEO Basepaws

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