Does My Cat Love Me? (10 Ways Cats Show Love)

Does My Cat Love Me? (10 Ways Cats Show Love)

Aloof. Distant. Standoffish. There are just a few words people have used to describe formidable felines, but cat lovers know the truth: that our cuddly kitties are non-stop affection machines who have a love language entirely their own.

Have you ever wondered if your cat loves you? Cats express love for their owners in a number of ways. We know at least 10 declarations of affection that solidify our feline’s love for us:

  1. Purring. There’s no sweeter sound than a content cat purring away. They’re saying they love you, they trust you, and there’s no one else on earth they want to be around.

  2. Bunting happens when your cat rubs their cheek against you or headbutts you. They’re leaving their scent and marking their territory so everyone knows you belong to them.

  3. Scratching may snag a sweater or two (or all of them), but Kitty means no harm to your knitwear. They’re just leaving a visual mark for anyone who missed their scent. Adorable, huh?

  4. Hunting and leaving their prey for us to fawn over. Yeah, it grosses us out, but there’s no greater sign of affection to a cat. They’re sharing their bounty with their loved ones.

  5. Kneading is how kittens nurse, so when a cat kneads you it means they know you are their person. So sweet, right?

  6. Rolling around seems like something every cat does, but most finicky felines will only expose their belly to those they trust - and love - the most. Awww!

  7. Sleeping on their beloved human feels cozy and safe and is the ultimate contentment for a cat. It’s a compliment, so you’d better not move - or stop petting them!

  8. Licking the face of their favorite person means one of two things: Either you switched to a mackerel-scented moisturizer or your cat loves you very much and is trying to groom and mark you with their scent.

  9. Meowing is like talking, so when your cat is excitedly mewing at you, they’re having a conversation. And just like us, they will ignore the people they don’t like. Savage!

  10. Playing seems obvious, but cats will really only play with people they like, especially a trusted and loved companion like you. Squee!

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