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How to Be the Best Dog Mom Possible
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How to Be the Best Dog Mom Possible

Are you one of the rare pet lovers who take being a dog parent very seriously? Do you want to know how to properly care for your furry friend? Here is a guide on how to be the best at it.

Keep Your Dog Safe

Dog-Proof Your House

Being the best dog mom means you take the steps necessary to keep your pet safe at home. You want to make sure they can enjoy their space without injury risks.

Start by taking note of areas with potential hazards, like sharp edges. Remove toxic plants, dangling cords, or any dangerous object from the way.

You can also get baby gates to keep your pup from accessing certain rooms. Crate training is also great for giving your dog a comfortable space when you're not around.

For a senior dog owner, these tips will work well for keeping your old friend safe.

Create a Comfortable Bed Area

Create a comfy space for your puppy with a nice bed and soft blankets. It has a way to make your furry friend feel safe and secure.

Adding their favorite toys or chews can encourage them to feel relaxed and have much-needed rest.

Keep Your Dog Happy

Learn About Dog Body Language

Can you tell when your pup is trying to say something to you? If you can't just yet, it's okay.

It's easy to learn how to communicate with your furry friend.

Start by learning common dog body language cues. Dogs often communicate signs of fear, stress, and happiness through their ear, tail, and body positions.  

Learning their language will help you understand your pup's emotional state, and understanding your dog’s unique cues will strengthen your bond and be there for them when they need you.

Ease Separation Anxiety

Dogs are very social creatures. It's no wonder they feel distress when they're left alone.

According to an article by PetMD, symptoms of anxiety in dogs could be:

●     Panting

●     Drooling

●     Shaking

●     Barking

●     Attempting to follow you out

●     Defecating or urinating indoors

How do great dog parents deal with separation anxiety in dogs?

They start by gradually helping their pup get used to being alone. While it can be difficult at first, many pet parents find that providing special toys and treats can keep them occupied and reduce their anxiety in your absence.

Teach Basic Commands

Your dog should be able to follow your instructions. Start early to teach your dog to obey basic commands like "sit," "stay," and "come."

Isn't that a great way for you to bond with your furry pal? And, more importantly, it's how to help keep your dog safe and well-behaved when needed.

Keep Your Dog Socialized

Go to Dog Parks and Dog Day Care

Many dogs love to socialize. Introducing your dog to other pets at your local dog park or daycare can help them adjust to new social situations. While there are dog park etiquettes to remember, teaching your pup to interact with other pets is another way to make them feel loved.

Connect With Other Dog Parents

Part of the dog mom experience includes joining a local dog owner's community. You can easily connect with fellow dog parents, share dog grooming tips, and create a supportive network for you and your furry friend.

Brag About Your Pet on Social Media

There's no harm in making your pet famous on social media! Surely there are lots of adventures and fun you can both explore. Celebrate the milestones you've crossed together, share stories of your puppy’s journey to becoming a well-trained dog, and other cute moments that connect you with dog lovers around the world.

Keep Your Dog Healthy

Find the Perfect Healthy Diet

While you may already know that the kind of food that you feed your dog should be high-quality, it should meet your pup's specific dietary needs. Feeding your dog any kind of food would be taking a huge risk. Do some research to know the best diet plan for your dog. You can learn about portion sizes and any dietary restrictions for your puppy.


If you want to keep your dog physically and mentally strong, develop an exercise routine. Fortunately, play is something dogs love doing! Include various activities to keep your furry friend going, from taking walks to practicing fetch and engaging in training sessions. Regular exercise helps your pup stay fit and healthy and create fun and beautiful memories together!

Keep Them Well-Groomed

Your cute little dog will need a consistent grooming routine to keep that sweet, adorable look. Make it your priority to give regular baths, nail trimmings, and brushing. Learn about different grooming tips that work to keep your dog's coat healthy and sweet to look at.

Prevent Disease with Vet Checks and DNA Tests

The best dog parents also keep a routine for vet check-ups and preventive care. These vaccinations and parasite prevention are what will maintain your dog's health. You also need to know the kind of diseases your pup is genetically predisposed to. Through at-home DNA testing, you can be proactive about your pet’s health and future care.

Know the Breed's Health Risks

While each dog breed has unique qualities and traits you love, they also may have vulnerabilities and health issues that are associated with them. By researching the common health issues associated with your dog's breed, you can alleviate future health worries and take the necessary steps closely with your trusted veterinarian to keep your pup healthy and happy.


Your journey to becoming the best pup owner is off to a great start. You have proven to be the perfect dog owner by finishing this read. Congratulations on reaching your first milestone as a proud dog owner!

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you train a dog?

Start by teaching it basic commands and reward it with treats. Use positive reinforcement (reward-based) for every kind of dog training.

What are the best dog toys?

It depends on the kinds of activities that are your dog’s favorite to engage in. You can use rope toys for dogs that like to tug at things, or balls that are big enough (to not choke on) for dogs that like retrieving activities.

What are the best dog treats?

You can experiment with cooked lean meat, peanut butter, apple slices, or any other healthy diet dog food to see which works best for your puppy.

How much food should I feed my dog?

It depends on the size of your dog. Research the recommended portion sizes for your dog (after checking your pup’s size, of course!).

What can dogs eat?

There are many things your dogs can safely eat, from carrots to pork. It’s important to know what foods dogs can eat and shouldn't take in, like alcohol or chocolate (yes, chocolate can be toxic to dogs).