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Top 12 Easy and Basic Dog Tricks
Dog Training

Top 12 Easy and Basic Dog Tricks

According to Service Dog Training School International, training with basic obedience commands or tricks is essential for raising a confident and happy dog. And when you properly train your dog, you set them up for a lifetime of safety and happiness. 

Moreover, teaching them tricks like “sit,” “lie down,” and “come” using positive reinforcement strengthens your relationship with your dog. 

Essential Dog Tricks to Teach Your Dog

If you are wondering how to train a dog with basic dog tricks, continue reading as here we list down essential dog tricks every dog parent should know. 


“Stop” is one of the basic dog tricks to teach your dog. Training your dog to stop on command may help you on walks with your furry friend, such as when the traffic lights are green. Teach this trick to your dog on a leash. Say “stop” in a louder voice and stand still. When they obey, reward them. 


“Stay” is another basic command that trains your dog to remain where you instruct them to and move when you release them. You can make your dog sit, then hold your hand out like a stop sign and command "stay." This trick may help you when you want to open the front door without your dog running out. Offer your dog rewards when they obey your command correctly.


“Come” is one of the essential tricks to teach your dog. Teaching your dog to come to you when you call them is crucial for their safety if they start running off to unsafe places. You can teach them on a leash, stand across from them, and command “come” while tugging lightly on their leash. Reward them with a treat when they come back to you. 


Training your dog with the “sit” trick will help when you have company and do not want them running around or are offering them a treat. When teaching your dog, hold a treat in a fist and put it above their head. Now, slowly move your hand behind their head; when they scrunch, say “sit.” Reward them with treats when they obey. 


“Down” is also one of the useful dog training tricks that helps you discipline your dog when you are out with them, such as in a restaurant. “Down” typically means to “lie down” with a belly to the ground in dog training. You can bring a strong-smelling treat to your furry friend and then put it to the floor and let your dog follow it. When they put their belly on the floor, say “down” and offer them the treat. 


“Stand” is a great dog trick that helps you in various situations where your dog must stand still, such as to give them a bath, put on the collar, or for their veterinary exams. Start with placing them in the sit position. Hold a treat to the dog’s nose and pull it back. As your dog follows the treat and stands up, praise them or say “yes” and offer a treat. 


The “place” trick helps when you want to send your furry friend off to their bed/crate while you are attending to your guests. You can put them on a leash, gather a handful of treats, walk them to their spot (bed, crate, or blanket), and associate a cue. Reward them when they obey and go to their spot. 


“Jump” is another delightful trick to teach your dog. However, they must be at least one year old to perform this trick to evade injury. You can use a toy or treat and your body language to tell them to jump. Say the word “hop” or “jump.” Teaching this trick to your dog will surely impress your friends!


The “heel” trick ensures that your dog is secured and keeps them close to their pet parents while walking in crowded places where your dog may run off, such as dog parks. To teach the “heel” trick, take your dog for a walk, periodically tell them to sit and use treats to reward them when they comply with your commands. 

Slow Run 

You can teach your dog the “slow run” trick when you want them to have a little control while running. To teach this trick, stand at least 3-4 feet away from your dog, facing the pet, and call them; when they run towards you fast enough, hold your hand out to signal them to slow down. Offer a treat when they slow down.

In the Collar

This trick will enable you to put the collar on your dog, which is beneficial when you want to go for walks. Make the collar big and let your dog sniff it to get comfortable. Offering food while they do that may ease the process. When they put their nose through the opening of the collar, give them a cue “collar” and praise your dog abundantly when they obey. 

Wipe Paws

A walk in the woods with your furry friend can be fun, but it means you come back home with their muddy paws. So, if you do not want your home to be full of mud, teach your puppy tricks to wipe their paws on the mat or towel. Place a treat under a towel and let them dig it. When they do that, say “yes” or click and reward them with treats. 


To effectively teach your dog essential tricks, you must keep the lessons short and exciting with positive reinforcement. Ensure you end your training sessions on a positive note. Also, constantly assess their learning speed and the value of your rewards when training your dog. This is the first part of our “Dog Tricks” series and here you can find Part 2 and Part 3. Keep on reading to find out more about training your companion in a happy and healthy way.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the seven most important dog commands?

The most important dog tricks you can teach include “sit,” “down,” “stay,” “come,” “heel,” “leave it,” and “place.”