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Top 10 Fun Dog Tricks
Dog Training

Top 10 Fun Dog Tricks

Training your dog in various fun dog tricks, such as “rollover,” “spin,” “beg,” and “wave" is an excellent way to provide them with mental and physical stimulus and strengthen your bond with your furry friend. 

If you are wondering how to train a dog with all the delightful and fascinating dog tricks that your beloved pet will enjoy and love showing off to your friends, this article covers impressive and fun dog tricks for you.

Fun Dog Tricks to Teach Your Dog

We have listed some of the most adorable dog tricks that you can teach your dog and show them off.

Give kiss

The “give kiss” is one of many awesome and fun dog tricks to teach your dog. Teaching your furry friend to kiss on command can also help you prevent unwanted licking and strengthen your bond with them. This trick usually goes well with the kids because not everyone likes kisses from a dog. You can put a treat on your cheek and say the command, and you will see your dog kissing all over your face.

Shake Paws

“Shake paws” is one of the fun dog training tricks you can try. This way, your dog can greet your friends by shaking their paws. You can easily train your pet with this trick because dogs usually like to paw at you and will love the attention they receive when they “shake paws.”

You can offer a closed hand of treats, and when they put their paw on your hand, say the cue “shake paws,” and give them treats. 

Sit Pretty / Beg

“Sit pretty” is another fun dog trick you can train where the dog balances on their back legs and raises their front legs in a seated position. It is a great pose to take cute pictures of your dog, build core muscles, and help with their balance. 

Roll Over

“Roll Over” is among the tricky yet entertaining tricks for dogs that you can teach and show off to your friends. According to the American Kennel Club, put your dog in a lie-down position and hold a handful of treats near their nose. By pulling your hand to their shoulder, lure your dog to move flat on their side. You should be able to teach your dog to “roll over” with the help of treats and praise. Finally, when you bring the treat around, they will roll over to follow it. 


Getting your dog to “wave” hello and goodbye is one of many fun tricks to teach your dog that they will love to show. You can start by teaching them to shake their paws and then use the same move your furry friend uses to shake to train them to raise their paw to “wave.” 


“Spin” is another fun dog trick your dog will love to learn, and you can easily teach them as you only need a handful of treats near their nose to get them to spin. The trick looks impressive when your dog can differentiate between left and right spin. You should hold treats in front of your dog’s nose and pull them to the side of their head so that they turn to follow it. Keep pulling the treats around their body, then say “yes” or “good.”

Play Dead

Would it not be impressive to point fingers at your dog like a gun, and then they ‘play dead’? It will surely amuse your friends when your dog lays down acting dead. Before teaching this trick to your dog, it is helpful if they previously know the “lie down” command and how to roll over. You have to add a hand signal like a gun and a verbal cue “bang” to tell them to “play dead.” Offer treats when they follow your command. 

Take a Bow

If you are wondering how to train a dog to “take a bow,” you can use their natural playfulness to bow. According to an article by the Department of Psychology at the University of Michigan, dogs usually bow at each other when they want to initiate play, and the behavior is known as play bow. 


Another cute and interesting dog trick to teach your dog is a “high-five.” If your dog already knows how to shake paws or wave, you can quickly train them to “high-five.” You can always greet your pet with a “high-five” and impress your friends. 


What better way to show your dog affection than hugging them? However, getting a hug when you ask them to is adorable and heartwarming. You can start with basic commands that train them to lift their front paws or rest their legs on your arms. 


Learning how to train dogs to do some interesting dog tricks helps you to have fun with your dogs and grow your bond. Also, make sure you incorporate positive reinforcement when training your dog. This is the second part of our “Dog Tricks” series. You can find Part 1 here and Part 3 here. These articles will help you start training your dog in the easiest way possible.

Frequently Asked Question

What is the hardest dog trick?

Most dog parents find “rollover”and “play dead” some of the hardest dog tricks to teach their dogs.