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How to Survive Cat World Domination Day
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How to Survive Cat World Domination Day

What Is Cat World Domination Day?

Cats were venerated in ancient Egypt; they have not forgotten this fact. Just like Halloween is said to be when the veil between humanity and the spirit world is at its weakest, Cat World Domination Day is when cats are most likely to grab their chance to live as they did in their golden age. The proof is around you, with social media filled with cat memes and videos (as if cats didn’t already own the Internet!). So, how can you make sure you survive this auspicious day? Keep reading to find out!

Cats Already Rule the World – We Just Didn’t Notice It

Let’s get one thing straight: We might think we rule the world, but in reality, cats do. Seriously, what other animal can claim to have such control over an apex predator that they just need to look at us sweetly, and we run for the treat bag? Dogs might give us puppy eyes, but they learned that trick from kittens! This event is just for cats to remind us and to push us back into revering them like we used to only now, with smartphones. Instead of making statues and drawings of cats, we can take exact pictorial copies of our cats and post funny cat memes online.

Fluffy’s Plot

So, what are the signs that your cat is in on the plot? You might notice your cat spending more time observing you from high places. People will tell you that this is because, in the wild, they would have looked down from high places to look for food; in reality, they really enjoy looking down on us. You might also find them sneaking up on you, a sure sign that they’re probing you for weaknesses and seeing you as prey! (Or maybe they’re animals built for stealth and sneakery – science may never have the answer.) 

Be careful if you have anything precious stored up on shelves because chances are that those items will be on the floor by the end of the day, along with that glass of water on the table or, honestly, anything not nailed down! They might also sit and watch you from your laptop or PC. Granted, these are warm items we use often, but that must be a coincidence, right? While this might seem like another day for humans to laugh at funny cats, it’s no laughing matter, and there’s no stopping what the cats have already started!

How to Survive Cat World Domination Day

We can’t stop them, we can’t escape from them, so how do we survive? There are a few things we need to do to ensure we all emerge from this with our sanity intact.

Don’t You Dare Leave the Food Bowl Unfilled

Firstly, don’t leave the food bowl unfilled. “But it still has food in it!” “They haven’t finished yet!” It doesn’t matter. When your cat says their bowl is empty, your response shouldn’t be an argument but “say when” as we pour food into the bowl.

Give Only Consensual Affection

Next, we should only be giving out cats consensual affection. That sounds obvious, and we love giving our cute cats affection. Here's the problem: not all of us are good at listening to our cats when they say they don’t want attention. If we’re really honest, we’re all a little guilty of it. We can’t just run over to them and start petting them when they’re chilling out because that’s a good way of getting scratched. The American Association of Feline Practitioners suggests you let your cat approach you, keep an eye out for signs your cat is stressed, and don’t force your cat to be petted. If all else fails, give them some space and try again later.

Entertain Your Master

Next, play! We would get bored all day if we were left home with nothing to do, and cats are the same. According to an article written by Zoetis, cats can show boredom through repetitive behaviors such as overgrooming, chasing or fighting other pets, or seeming uninterested in their usual tasks. 

When this happens, it means they have more time to plan our destruction, so bust out the cat toys, make an assault course in your front room, take them for a walk (Yes, really! You can walk your cat!), and get out the good treats! Keeping a cat mentally active is good for them emotionally, physically, and mentally, and what better excuse than today to do something special for them!

Keep the Litter Box Clean

We cannot stress this one enough: Clean the litter box! We know, we know, it’s gross on so many levels, but it’s not only for your cat’s pleasure to watch us clean out their litter box, but it’s also for their hygiene. Not only do cats have a better sense of smell than us, so they can smell all the remnants of their mess left behind, but it would be like humans never cleaning their toilet, which is even more gross than just cleaning the litter box!

Know Your Place, Peasant

Yes, on paper, you are the cat’s owner, but let’s be honest: Our cats own us, not the other way around. Today is the day to prove that by giving in to your cat’s whims and saying yes to whatever they desire (ok, maybe not whatever they wish; we can’t be giving our cats peace lilies or poisonous plants, but a little bit of plain yogurt, as a treat, won’t hurt).

There you have it, that’s your survival guide to Cat World Domination Day! Happy survival, everyone!

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