Calico Cat Names
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Calico Cat Names

So, you don’t know what name to choose for your new calico cat? It's a good idea to choose a name that will suit her personality, but there are other things you should consider too. 

Tips on Choosing a Name for a Calico Cat

Many names are suitable for calico cats, but it can be overwhelming to choose just one. Let’s see what you should consider:

  • Pick a name that's easy for everyone to say when you introduce them to others. If your family members are constantly mispronouncing their names or forgetting how to say them, choosing something simple can help ease the confusion.

  • Choose a name similar to the color of your pet's coat spots. 

  • Look at other breeds with similar characteristics and see what names there are. You can also use websites like Petfinder to learn more about other breeds so you can get ideas on names that fit well with their personalities and appearance.

Female Calico Cat Names

There is a tone of female cat names, let's see which ones are best for the calico cats.

🐾 Panda bear

This name is for a female calico with black, white, and brown markings. It's also known as the "tiger" in the Calico Cat Club of America. 

🐾 Mocha

Mocha is another name for a calico with black and brown spots on her coat. For those who want something more unusual, it can be called the "chocolate" calico cat or "cappuccino" cat.

🐾 Tigerlilly

Tigerlilly is one of the rarest calico color combinations, and it looks like an ocelot with almost solid black or dark brown stripes.

🐾 Paprika

Paprika is another popular name for female calicos with orange markings on their coats. 

Male Calico Cat Names

Male cat names can be represented in many different ways, including:

🐾 Buddy

This name suits them perfectly because they are so friendly and playful.

🐾 Chuffy

Because calicos are so fluffy.

🐾 Bryce

It's a Scottish name for "brave warrior" or "warrior." It fits perfectly with the personality of this handsome cat.

🐾 Rufus

This is another Scottish name that fits perfectly with their stunning markings.

Tortoiseshell Cat Names

Tortoiseshell cat names are a little tricky to come up with, as tortoiseshell cats are almost always female. Here are some of the most famous names for tortoiseshell cats:

🐾 Tortie

Tortie is a trendy cat name for tortoiseshell cats. It's a term used to describe any cat with a color pattern similar to a tortoise shell. Torties can be orange, red, cream, or brown and often have black markings.

🐾 Tiger

This name is used for male and female torties with a tiger pattern on their coats. This beautiful pattern is often seen in black and white cats with accents of orange or cream throughout the body (or sometimes even on the face).

🐾 Mocha

This term is used for light brown torties with darker stripes or markings on their bodies and faces. They tend to have darker patches around their eyes, muzzle, and mouth.

Adorable Calico Cat Names

You will agree that calico cats are the most adorable in the world. This pet mixes a nature of a domestic cat and an exotic wild cat nature. There are many different types of calico cat names, including:

🐾 Acara 

Is derived from the word "orange" because they look like oranges with white fur and orange stripes.

🐾 Arf

Is another name for an adorable calico cat. It means "little rabbit" because it looks like a little rabbit when it moves around on its own.

🐾 Bailey

The name Bailey is best for its color pattern, with black stripes running down its back and sides with white spots on top of those black areas.

🐾 Bella

Bella means beautiful in Italian, so this adorable calico cat name fits perfectly for these adorable felines.

🐾 Chester

Chester means solid or brave.

Food-Inspired Calico Names

Food-inspired names are always fun to think up, and there are several different options. You can mix and match, using different food items or foods as part of your name. Here are some of our favorite ideas:

🐾 Apple crumble

Such a cute name will be pleasant to pronounce.

🐾 Cake

The perfect word to describe someone who has a sweet tooth and loves to bake.

🐾 Cinnamon roll

Good name for a sweat and tender cat, that loves to cuddle.

🐾 Choco

A playful and simple name that will suit a cat that has brown spots.

🐾 Cookie

Name that perfectly goes for a small cat that you like to take on your hands.


You should know a few things about choosing a name for your calico cat. First, the name needs to be short and easy to pronounce. Next, it needs to be descriptive of the cat's personality. 

When naming your new kitten or cat, it's essential to consider the type of personality your pet has and its physical features. 

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