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Do Cats Miss Their Owners? 9 Signs Revealing Cats’ True Feelings
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Do Cats Miss Their Owners? 9 Signs Revealing Cats’ True Feelings

You, the proud parent of a four-legged feline-kid, travelled on a short vacation. Now you are back at home, your arms wide open, hoping to be showered with some love from your kitten. Alas! You are met with chilling aloofness, or at best a mere tail flick. This reaction left you wondering, “Does my cat miss me every day? Does my cat miss me when I leave?” Fret not, dear parent, for in this article, we will provide you with evidence that your cat most certainly misses you, and the type of cat-signals you have to pay attention to. 

Understanding Feline Emotions

Just because our feline pets don’t wear their hearts on their flurry sleeves does not mean that they are emotionless. Not only can they form strong social bonds with their owners but they can also experience stress when their routine or environment is switched suddenly. For example, negative emotions such as fear can wrench out aggressive reactions while positive emotions of joy can cause your feline pets to knead their paws in absolute pleasure and purr with delight.

Can Cats Miss Their Owners?

It is okay to be curious and want to know if your cat gives a paw about you and your whereabouts. Guess what? This curiosity has fueled multiple research that explored the mind and inner thoughts of our feline companions. The result of this research is an interesting mix of findings. 

Some animal behaviorists say that cats are unlike other furry companions that rely on their owners for security and safety. Thus, they are incapable of missing their owners; in fact, they respond to strangers and owners in the same manner with no distinction. However, there are different other studies that refute this claim. Findings showed that cats initiate elevated levels of social contact after separation from owners for a while. This is a clear sign that owners play an important role in the social life of their cats. 

With such conflicting findings, determining if your cat missed you might seem like an impossible mission. In fact, you are probably wondering, “Will my cat miss me when I give him away?” Indeed, cats might not show overt emotions like dogs by wagging their tails and barking joyfully, but that does not mean they are not capable of showing emotions and bonding with you, their owner. Below are some signs that your cat actually missed you.

Signs Your Cat Missed You

Elaborate Greetings

Maybe your cat purred with an intensity that can rival a Bugatti or it bombarded you with vigorous head-butts. Rest your mind, dear feline parent, your cat missed you dearly.

Constant Shadow

Cats are well known for their solitary nature. However, yours seems to be a little different; it has been shadowing you even since you got back from your holiday. Think no further, your darling feline missed you terribly.

Kneading and Purring

Rhythmic paw-kneading is a behavior reminiscent of kittenhood nursing, and it often surfaces when your cat is feeling content and secure. A combination of that with symphonic purring is the sign you have been waiting for: your kitten missed your companionship and is overjoyed that you are back. 

Scent-Seeking Sleep

Cats love their scent, it is their way of marking territory, and purr-claiming, “You are mine!” Therefore, if you find your cat nestling among your recently worn clothes, that is a clear indicator that they are longing for you.

Excessive Grooming

Cats, when experiencing stress or anxiety due to your absence, may resort to excessive grooming as a coping mechanism. If you observe them engaging in this behavior more than usual, it's a potential sign that they missed you.

Altered Eating Habits

Your absence might have disrupted your cat’s eating routine and this can cause a change in their eating habits. Some cats eat less, while others may overindulge due to stress. Nevertheless, both behaviors are reflective of their longing for your consistent presence.

Vocal Expressiveness

While not renowned for their vocal nature, some cats become more expressive in their meowing when they yearn for their owner. An increased meowing is a sign that they missed you and crave your attention.

Patient Doorway Vigil

Here comes a classic sign. If you find your cat strategically placed by the door with an expectant gaze and alert ears, as if anticipating the sound of your keys or your footsteps; most surely, it has missed you and has been anticipating your return.

Post-Reunion Playfulness

To your cat, your arrival back at home signals playtime and fun. Your cat has most probably associated your presence with amusement and engagement; therefore it might display heightened playfulness and energy upon your return. This is a sure sign that you were missed.

Reasons Why Cats Miss Their Owners  

At this point, it is quite unfair to assume that our feline companions are rigid, un-feeling creatures. They can be very vocal about their longing when their owners are away. Below are some common reasons why cats miss their owners. 

Unwavering Love 

Fostering a healthy relationship with your cat is a sure fire way to ignite those flames of love in the heart of your cat. Therefore, don’t be shocked if your cat yearns and longs for you when you are away. Their longing for you is directly proportional to how strong the connection between you two are.

Relocation Stress

Cats, our enigmatic friends, love their routine, and any disruption to their sense of familiarity can leave them feeling confused and stressed. A cat's normal routine can be disrupted if they are abandoned by their owners. This stress brought upon them might cause cats to miss their owners. 

Time Investment

As it is with humans, so it is with cats. The bond between you and your feline companion is strengthened when you spend quality time together. Most certainly, cats enjoy the affection and care they receive during such moments. It is therefore no surprise that they may feel a void when you are not around. 

Fear of Abandonment

Cats develop separation anxiety when neglected or abandoned. This can worsen if such abandonment occurs regularly. This fear of abandonment is a clear sign that they miss you.

Overprotective Guardianship

When you consistently shower your cat with a high level of affection and protection, it becomes easy for them to get used to such premium treatment. It is very easy for your cat to become anxious and miss you if you are not around to protect them.

Comfort in Your Voice

According to National Geographic, cats are not only capable of hearing voices, but they can also distinguish your voice from ten others. The sound and cadence of your voice can be soothing and comforting to them. Thus, they may miss your voice and the reassurance that comes with it.


Cats are not the stoic and solitary creatures they are often portrayed to be. They are also capable of building emotional lives and forming deep attachments to their human parents. Therefore, understanding the reasons why cats miss their owners is a testament to the strength of these bonds. 

Recognizing the signs of longing and providing a loving and secure environment are essential steps in ensuring that your feline companion feels cherished and content, even during those moments of temporary separation. By acknowledging their emotional needs, you strengthen the unique bond you share with your enigmatic feline companion.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Do cats miss their owners when they die?

According to petMD, cats are capable of grieving when their owners die. This can also be in response to a change in their routine.

Do cats miss their owners when they go on vacation?

Cats are definitely capable of feeling their owner’s absence. Of course, the extent of their reaction heavily depends on how strong their relationship is with their owner.

Do cats miss their owners when they go on holiday?

“Holiday” is still a close reference to “vacation.” Cats can indeed miss their owners when they go on holiday.

Do cats miss people?

Yes, they do. However, this depends on their relationship and bond with people.