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Science-driven tools to help keep your pet happy and healthy

Every pet parent wants to see their pets thrive, but many health problems can be hard to detect. We are harnessing the power of science to help you know your pet better-inside and out-and provide you with the resources you need to make informed decisions for their health and well-being.

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What you’ll get with your DNA test:

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Powered by pet lovers. Rooted in science.

The magical bond between people and their pets is the inspiration for everything we do. We’re committed to helping creating a better, longer life for your pet through data-driven tools that help you proactively support their lives.

Why Basepaws?

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What our customers are saying about our Cat DNA Test:

4.5 stars from 1500+ reviews
Debra T.
Cat DNA results

It was very thorough. My daughter is a D.V.M., and she was impressed with the comprehensive data. Interesting for me, and I will share it with my cat's Vetererinarian.

Elizabeth C.

Took a while but a very interesting report. It will take a while to absorb everything they sent.

Emily T.
So informative!

Loved learning about my cat. Highly recommend!

Galit D.
Loved Basepaws

I had an inkling what breeds Bernie was. I used Basepaws to find out and was surprised of the results. My Bernie was a mix of so many cute cats. I learned a lot from the informative booklet received. I would gladly return again for my other pets.

Lynn B.
Love the Information Given!!!

The health markers are an excellent way to follow your pet's health and an effective aid in your journey to be a proactive owner in taking care of your cat. I find this test, along with the oral test, very beneficial. To top it off, you can send the results directly to your vet so that they can help you in more ways than your typical health check up vet visit. I am very satisfied with these tests!!!

Barbara M.
Great Info

I am very pleased with the results of the DNA test. Finally truly know our lovely baby is a wonderful mixed breed! Also know that she has no major genetic issues! Such a pleasure to know!

Kathleen P.
Great product and the best customer service!

Having our cat’s DNA tested was lots of fun and very informative. The process is quite simple but when we had questions, the customer service person’s support was outstanding. We highly recommend basepaws!

Emily R.
Love it!!

So grateful for Basepaws, it’s an awesome product that helps you to learn more about your cat! Every step of the way was easy and anytime I talked to anyone, they were super friendly and helpful!