Different breeds. Different needs.

Every cat is unique. Get to know yours better with a Cat DNA Test.

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Cats make our world better, so let's make this a better world for our cats

Thousands of cats tested monthly

Most extensive Cat DNA Test. Focused on top breed groups and critical feline genetic diseases.

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4.6 stars
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Easy to use, at home collection. 4-6 weeks report turnaround time.

Years of feline
genetics research

Health report approved by vets. Breed Groups report updated for life.

Get to know your cat,
inside and out

Dental Health Test
  • Risk scores for the most common dental conditions in cats
  • Clinical care recommendations
Basepaws Cat Dental Health Test is the screening test for most major dental conditions seen in cats.
Breed + Health DNA Test
$149.00 $129.00
  • Breed Groups & Wild Cat Index
  • Genetic disease markers
  • Health care recommendations
Includes comparison to all breeds and breed groups, lifetime breed updates, chromosome map, wild cat index, predisposition to genetic diseases and health markers.
Whole Genome Sequencing
$599.00 $499.00
  • 100% of the genome + raw data
  • All genetic variants
  • Lifetime Breed + Health updates
Receive your cat's complete and future-proof genetic information with high coverage (>15X) WGS. Includes Breed and Health Test, plus much more!

What kind of cat do you have?

We compare each sample against the largest cat DNA database in the world to better understand your cat's breed composition.


Be proactive about your cat's health

Your cats won't tell you when they're sick. We test for genetic markers, reporting on mutation carrier status and predisposition to different diseases.

Health Markers
Disease Markers

Our home-based saliva collection kit is all you need to send your cat's DNA to our lab.

All from home. No blood. Completely non-invasive – just a small saliva sample, for both Health and Breed tests. Free shipping both ways within the continental U.S.!

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Create an account at basepaws.com and register your CatKit upon its arrival.


Collect your cat's DNA sample by gently swabbing the inside of their cheek for 5 seconds.


Secure your sample within the return shipping box and mail it back to our lab.

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Largest database of cat genetics in the world
We partner with veterinarians, scientists, and researchers from all around the world. Together, we move closer to the future of eliminating preventable feline disease with every sample that is added to our database.
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What our customers are saying

4,6 stars from 678 reviews on Amazon
Smooth process & quick turn around time.
Kit arrives in a few days after purchasing & has a quick turn around time since swabbing the sample can be done in one day & mailed back out! You also receive emails every step of the way to fill you in on the status of your kit. The breed + health marker reports give me peace of mind knowing my cat is not at risk for any major health diseases.
Excellent gift!
Perfect gift to your cat-loving friends and cat-owners. We learned a completely unexpected information about our cats' breed and genetic makeup! Very easy to use - and with a very comprehensive result review. We are excited to see what else will come of the research Basepaws continues to find!
Missing pieces to kitty's breed profile no longer a mystery!
Mousecop's results showed a confident match to Ragdoll, Maine Coon and Savannah cat. When I read the traits of these cats it was Mousecop spot on. I was also surprised at the amount of health markers that were tested and that he was only a carrier of Retinal Degeneration!
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