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Get to know your cat better with hundreds of actionable insights.

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Thousands of dollars saved on emergency vet visits with comprehensive, at-home tests.

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Easy to use, at home collection. 4-6 weeks report turnaround time.

Years of feline
genetics research

Genetic and dental reports approved by vets. Now with oral health reports. Breed report updated for life.

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It’s easy, safe and quick. All reports sent straight to your inbox in 4-6 weeks.

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Affordable at-home cat health testing for every cat parent

Oral Health Test for Cats
Oral Health Test for Cats

Identify active signs of dental disease to help you get them the care they need.

Breed + Health Cat DNA Test
Breed + Health DNA Test

Learn about your cat's breed, health (including oral health), traits, and habits.

Whole Genome Sequencing
Whole Genome Sequencing

Contribute to the advancement of feline genetics and the discovery of new markers.

Get ahead of health risks.
Incredible value. Affordable pricing. Preventative health.

Avoid emergency vet visits by identifying disease early, before it becomes visible and harmful. Buy now, pay later.

Incredible value. Affordable pricing. Preventative health.
Easy to understand digital results and actionable insights.

All Basepaws reports are available within 4-6 weeks and come full of personalized results and insights to help you take action.

Easy to understand digital results and actionable insights.
Easy-to-use, at-home testing.

Quick, saliva-based tests from the comforts of home. Test early and regularly to stay ahead of any issues. Be proactive!

Easy-to-use, at-home testing.
Recommended by veterinarians, approved by scientists.

All lab results come from an accredited, LA-based Basepaws laboratory, and are handled by our scientists.

Recommended by veterinarians, approved by scientists.
Largest database of feline data.

We partner with veterinarians, scientists, and researchers from all around the world. We move closer to the future of eliminating preventable feline disease with every sample that is added to our database.

Largest database of feline data.
Easy, clear results delivered to your email
Easy, clear results delivered to your email
Each test sold helps save cats in need

Our impact goes beyond that of a cat DNA and biome company. Basepaws uses science, knowledge, connections, and passion to support animal rescue organizations, shelters, and TNR programs with one goal: Improving the lives of pets and their guardians worldwide. Join us in this mission!

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4,5 stars from 1040+ reviews on Amazon
Worth the money!
I was waiting for a cat DNA test for awhile. There are so many dog tests out there but nothing for kitties. The test is easy to use, a simple cheek swab. The results were ready in about 6 weeks and gave breed info as well as health marker information. I find the report to be thorough and user friendly. I absolutely recommend this product!
If not for breed, do it for the health markers!
I had 2 of my cats tested, and I'm glad I did. It was not so much for what Breed they are, but for the peace of mind with the health markers. One of my cats is a carrier of something I never heard of, so I have passed this on to my vet. My other cat's health markers are clear. Also, they have updates on your pet's report as time goes by.
Missing pieces to kitty's breed profile no longer a mystery!
Mousecop's results showed a confident match to Ragdoll, Maine Coon and Savannah cat. When I read the traits of these cats it was Mousecop spot on. I was also surprised at the amount of health markers that were tested and that he was only a carrier of Retinal Degeneration!