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Disney cat names

There is a wide variety of feline moniker options from Disney. You'll discover the perfect name for your new feline buddy here, whether you're just starting the naming process or are seeking a name that reflects your devotion to the Disney canon. Many well-known feline monikers in the Disney canon may be traced back to the classic tale of Cinderella.

Gus is Cinderella's faithful cat throughout the story. Lucifer and Jaq are two more well-known characters in this film. Fans of The Aristocrats may choose to give their new pet the name of one of the film's feline stars. Examples of well-liked names include Duchess, Thomas O'Malley, and Toulouse.

Disney's Alice in Wonderland also provides some excellent options for feline names. Your new cat could go well with Cheshire Cat, after one of the film's most memorable characters. The White Rabbit and Tweedledee and Tweedledum are two other characters from Alice in Wonderland. Find the perfect feline moniker here, regardless of your favorite Disney film.

Tips on choosing a name

Remember several things while picking a name for your new Disney-inspired cat. Remember, this new baby will be a part of your family forever. Selecting the perfect Disney-inspired cat name might be challenging; here are some suggestions.

  • Give some thought to your cat's character. Is she vivacious and carefree? Is she more outgoing, or does she tend toward timidity? Get creative and pick a name that expresses who she is.

  • Disney's cast of characters includes people of all sizes. Every cat can be given the name of a famous person or character, from the evil Ursula and Cruella de Vil to the heroic Mickey and Minnie Mouse.

  • Why not name your multiple cats after a famous Disney duo? Compare and contrast the dynamic between Timon and Pumbaa, Woody and Buzz, or Mickey and Goofy.

  • When deciding on a name, consider your cat's fur color. A black cat could be named Hades from Hercules, while a white cat could be named Snow White.

  • Last but not least, enjoy yourself! After all, you're guaranteed a grin whenever you call your feline friend by her Disney name.

Disney Cat Names for Girls

There are a plethora of excellent feminine cat names in Disney canon. Among my most-loved are:

  • Dinah: In Lewis Carroll's Alice in Wonderland, Alice's cat went by this name. I can't think of a more fitting moniker for a fiercely independent and feisty feline.

  • Marie: In the Aristocrats, this is the name of Toulouse's sweetheart. Marie is an elegant choice for a feline with a refined demeanor.

  • Figaro: Pinocchio's cat's name, named after Geppetto. A naughty kitten would be perfect for the name Figaro.

  • Lucifer: Lucifer, like the cat owned by Cinderella's evil stepmother, is a great name for a cat with a fiery personality.

Disney Cat Names for Boys

Boys can choose from a ton of great Disney cat names. Our favorites are as follows:

  • Simba: The legendary lion from The Lion King is the right name for your majestic kitty.

  • Oliver: This name derives from the lovely orange kitten in Oliver & Company.

  • Cheshire: The Cheshire Cat from Alice in Wonderland is sure to put a grin on your face.

  • Thomas O’Malley: This tomcat from The Aristocats is the appropriate name for your feline pal.

Disney Cat Names Inspired by Villains

Several Disney bad guys would be perfect for feline names. Choose one of these names for your new cat if you want to give them a memorable name that stands out from the crowd.

  • Ursula: The sea witch from The Little Mermaid is among the most well-known Disney villains. Her moniker is ideal for a tabby or other dark-furred feline.

  • Jafar: It's safe to say that the sorcerer from Aladdin is one of Disney's most dreaded antagonists. A cat with his stature would suit the name just well.

  • Maleficent: Many people consider the evil fairy from Sleeping Beauty to be the quintessential Disney villain. This name sounds like it was made for a black cat with green eyes.

  • Gaston: The egotistical hunter from Beauty and the Beast is one of the most reviled Disney villains. The name fits a big, strong cat perfectly.

Actual Cat Names from Disney Movies

Disney films have provided us with some tremendous real-life cat names. Some of my absolute favorites are listed below.

  • Binx: Binx is a black cat in the film Hocus Pocus which is transformed into a person by the wicked witches. The good witches eventually succeed with his assistance.

  • Scat Cat: Scat Cat is one of Thomas's gangs of street cats in the animated film The Aristocats. With his assistance, Thomas and Duchess can beat Edgar.

  • Thomas O’Malley: Thomas is a savvy street cat in the Disney film The Aristocats that aids the Duchess and her kittens in evading the clutches of the villainous butler, Edgar.

These are just some excellent actual cat names from Disney movies. There are many more, so if you're searching for a beautiful name for your cat, check out some Disney movies.

Pixar-Inspired Cat Names

Pixar has been involved in some of the most famous and loved animated films of the last several decades. The company has presented moviegoers with many unforgettable characters, from Toy Story to Finding Nemo to Inside Out. It's no wonder that many individuals have opted to name their cats after a few of their favorite Pixar characters.

Pixar has been responsible for some of the most famous and adored movies of the last several decades. From Toy Story to Discovering Nemo to Inside Out, the studio has a penchant for crafting appealing characters that connect with viewers of all ages. It's no wonder, therefore, that many individuals have looked to Pixar for inspiration when choosing their cats. Some of the most famous Pixar-inspired cat names include:

  • Nemo: After the charming clownfish in the movie Finding Nemo.

  • Dory: Following in the footsteps of the oblivious Blue Tang from Finding Nemo.

  • Joy: after the positive feelings brought on by Inside Out.

  • Sadness: Following the more self-reflective feelings presented in Inside Out.


Therefore, you'll find various options if you're looking for a Disney cat name. Some of them are more conventional, while others are out of the ordinary. A Disney Cat Name is suitable for your cat, no matter your taste.

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