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Orange Cat Names
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Orange Cat Names

A small red fluffy kitten is both a reason for some extra tenderness and a ray of sunshine at home, which will delight you with its warmth and energy for many years. How to choose the right nickname for a ginger kitten? Let's discuss several options for orange cat names.

Tips on choosing an orange cat name

As intelligent beings, we, people, are distinguished by our rich imagination, however, often the need to come up with a name for a new pet may seem confusing. Let’s simplify this process. If you’re choosing an orange cat name for a new family member on your own, it’s better to follow certain rules:

Choose short, sonorous nicknames. It has been proven that long and difficult to pronounce names are hard to remember. The best choice for an orange cat name would be a short, 2-3 syllable option, the pet will get used to it faster and will respond to the call. If your new friend already has a long beautiful name assigned by breeders at birth (relevant for thoroughbred pets), it can be shortened.

Avoid offensive nicknames. This way you’ll show respect for your pet and won’t look ridiculous or stupid in the eyes of your friends when you share stories about the pranks of an orange baby.

Use hissing and whistling sounds. Scientists consider them easier for cats to remember, so orange cat names shouldn’t be any different.

When choosing, be guided by your own opinion and the opinion of family members. A new pet enters your family; therefore, the nickname should please you.

Take a closer look at the behavior of the kitten in the first days of its stay in the house. Often its little pranks or unusual habits can push you to choose the right name for it.

Do not change your orange cat name if the pet is already used to it and responds. The process of getting used to your own name takes on average about 3-4 months for cats. Otherwise, you’ll only confuse the pet, and it’ll be difficult to accustom it to one permanent name.

Male orange cat names

When choosing how to name a ginger kitten, you can turn to a variety of sources for inspiration. Characters with red hair or fur are often the heroes of films and cartoons that we’ve loved since childhood.

An excellent choice of orange male cat names will also be the names of surrounding objects of bright sunny color, corresponding to the color of the pet's coat. Let's present to your court some successful options for nicknames for red-haired boys.

  • Aki

  • Akira

  • Akiko (Japanese words meaning “autumn,” “bright red,” “autumn child”)

  • Amon

  • Helios

  • Ra (the gods of the Sun in the Ancient World)

  • Dynamite - ideal for kittens with an explosive character.

  • Yolk

  • RedGinger(emphasize the color of your pet)

  • Garfield

  • Raj

  • Sherkhan

  • Simba

  • Phoenix

  • Spark(perfect for boys with a bright, almost fiery color)

Rufus - in Latin, this word means "red," it will emphasize not only the color but also the majesty of your pet.

Oscar, Flame, Mars, Jupiter - not the most obvious options, but are also worthy of your attention.

Female orange cat names

When determining how to name a red-haired girl, remember that the gene that determines the red shade of the coat is most often - in about 80% of cases - found in males. Therefore, the 🐈 orange girl cat name can emphasize the uniqueness of your pet.

When choosing it, you can either turn to foreign languages ​​​​(then you will get an original and harmonious name for your pet), or even to the surrounding reality. We list some possible options for names for orange cats female that emphasize the bright shade of your cat's fur.

  • Goldie

  • Fox

  • Sunny

  • Sandy

  • Spark

  • Flame

  • Cinnamon

Paprika (these fragrant spices have a bright red, orange or yellow hue)

Ocher is a bright natural pigment, similar in color to the red color of cats.

Fiona is the name of a princess from the Shrek cartoons who had bright red hair.

Rowan is a well-known tree, the fruits of which have a bright color.

Inspired by flowers

Pets are always at the center of attention in the family. And even though we give them different nicknames, we still use other affectionate names to emphasize our love. What do you love more than beautiful flowers? Here are a list of orange cat names related to flowers.

  • Anise

  • Ju (Chinese) - chrysanthemum

  • Kay (North American Ind.) - willow

  • Malva (Latin) - mallow

  • Ornella (Italian) - blooming ash

  • Rosella

  • Fiona

  • Flora (Latin) - the name of the Roman goddess of flowers

  • Fleur

  • Fuji (Japanese) - wisteria

  • Zinnia

  • Evette (French) - yew tree

  • Avon (French) - yew tree

  • Ashley 

Inspired by spices, fruits, and vegetables

If you like something you usually want to see it every day. It goes for both cats and food, so choosing a food-inspired male and female cat name is very common. It’s recommended to check the reaction of the kitten to the chosen name. To do this, you need to clearly pronounce your favorite food. If the pet reacts to different female or male cat names, then it can be called by that food cat name.

  • Carrot

  • Apricot 

  • Tangerine

  • Orange

  • Peach

  • Mango

  • Tomato

  • Cherry

  • Papaya

  • Potato

Inspired by color associations

The easiest option is to call the kitten a nickname based on some external features. As a rule, such a name comes to you instantly at first sight. Here are a few boy and girl cat names.

  • Garfield

  • Light

  • Smiley

  • Rusty

  • Freckle

Inspired by Disney

Funny and cute nicknames for pets are most often invented by children. They give out interesting orange cat names from movies and hit right on target, and also choose original names or just words from popular cartoons.

If you have a male kitten

If your pet is a girl

Matisse - The Aristocats

Minow - The Aristocats

Bizet - The Aristocats

Duchess - The Aristocats

Romeo - The Aristocats

Dina - Alice in Wonderland

Lucifer - Cinderella

Yzma - The Journey of the Emperor

Figaro - Pinocchio

Nala - The Lion King

Oliver - Oliver & Company

Daisy - a cute and playful name that's perfect for a sweet little lady.

Rufus - Bianca and Bernie

Lily - a delicate and feminine name that suits a graceful little lady.

Simba - The Lion King

Phoebe - a name that means "bright" or "shining" in Greek, perfect for a kitty with a sunny personality.

Halloween inspired names

It’s considered bad luck to call cats by human names. In addition, people have long believed that an animal with a human name lives less and more often shows aggression. If you want to protect yourself and your beloved pet, then there is a safe option of Halloween inspired male and female cat names.

  • Pumpkin

  • Candle

  • Trick

  • October

  • Pirate

  • Vampire

  • Candy

  • Spooky

  • Ghost

  • Witch

Of course, you can choose a girl or boy cat name that doesn’t contain references to its color. But after all, the common nicknames sound a little boring for a kitten with a bright red color, don't they? We have also a witchy cat name list for your attention.

a black cat with red eyes laying on a bed
a black cat with red eyes laying on a bed

Although the choice of possible names for orange kittens, boys and girls, is huge, remember that it should be taken responsibly. The name of the animal, like the name of the person, accompanies the pet all its life. Choose something that will resonate with the appearance, habits and character traits of your four-legged friend - such a nickname will be the best choice.

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